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Elmore & District Machinery Field Days run an Ag Art Wear Competition - this requires the designer to make a garment from products made from the farm. More information can be found at www.elmorefielddays.com.au under the ag art wear competition links
"On Angels Magazine Art & Literary Contest, Winter/Spring 2009"
Artistic Modern Interpretations, Stories & Poetry Celebrating Angels & the Angelic World

On Angels Magazine Art & Literary Contest 2009 is open to several mediums of art and literature. There are six categories of art, Painting, Computer Graphic Art, Sculpting, Drawing, Mixed Media and Photography. There are three categories of literature; Fictional Short Stories, Non-Fictional Short Stories and Poetry. All entries MUST have an ANGEL theme. Religion will not play a part in any of the judging.

The winning entries and artist's / writer's profiles will be published in our premier magazine and online.

First Prize (US) $3000 in each category
Second Prize (US) $1500 in each category
Third Prize (US) $500 in each category
Honorable Mention (US) $200 in each category

Deadline for Entries: May 31, 2009
Winners Announced: June 30, 2009
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