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Are there more registered democrats than republicans in the US?

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Yes, over 700,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans.
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Can you vote republican if you are a registered democrat in Florida?

Your vote is private, and no one will know who you voted for but you. In some states, you may need to register with a party to vote in that parties primary (which you can do w

Does the US have more Republicans or Democrats?

Actually..."An August 2008 estimate is that 51% of registered voters, including independents, lean toward the Democratic Party and 38% lean toward the Republican Party." The o

Are there more registered democrats or republicans?

This is a very good question. What makes it a very good question is the fact that it is very difficult to answer. Thirty States in the USA require some kind of party affilia

Can you vote for a democrat in the primaries if you are registered as a republican?

  In some states they can if they choose to do so. The following are open primaries or caucus states: Alaska (Dem only), Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Ind

Are Republicans more greedy than Democrats?

No typically the Democrats are more greedy. For example Mitt Romney donated millions to charity last year and Vice President Joe Biden only donated 3 hundred dollars. Democrat

Why are there more Democratic delegates than Republican delegates?

  How many delegates a party distributes to each state is the individual party's choice. However, Republicans tend to run "winner take all" states, Democrats divide it up

Are there more rich democrats or Republicans?

Upper middle class and rich more republicans but super rich I would have to say both are just as wealthy.