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Are there swimming pool laws in Baltimore Maryland?

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Yes, rules and regulations are a part of daily life in all cities
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Whats is the gun law in Baltimore County in Maryland?

Baltimore County Code Title 2: Firearms and weapons § 17-2-101. DISCHARGING FIREARM OR WEAPON IN METROPOLITAN DISTRICT. (a) Prohibition. Except as provided in subsectio

Swimming pool laws?

Laws concerning pools vary from state to state, or city to city. Since WikiAnswers is world-wide, I should also mention that laws on ANY topic vary from country to country.

Is there a law requiring the owner to fence in a swimming pool in Georgia?

Several states have enacted removable pool fence laws. This law for all pools has reduced the number of drownings significantly. While no fence is unclimbable, the barrier bet

Are there swimming pool fence laws in Alabama?

not that i know of but maybe in your comunity I do not know what kind of a logical answer the above is. Fence laws applyin every city, county, state It is a logical answer bec

Who would know if there are swimming pool fence laws in Alabama?

  Check with your homeowners insurance. The most important thing is child safety.     Answer   In December of 2007 the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety

What are the swimming pool laws in Alabama?

Laws regarding swimming pools are usually regulated at the municipal level. Each city creates their own set of rules regarding things like pets, fences, and swimming pools. Th