Are vampires from Romania?

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A few notable vampires have come out of Romania, Transylvania, Hungary, and the general Balkan peninsula. But vampires can come from anywhere.
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What is a vampire?

A vampire is a blood thirsty creature, with usually great speed and strength. They have pale white skin, and different color eyes than humans. Ahhhhhhhh. Lol Like Edward Cu

Where is Romania?

Romania is in SE Europe.. Romania is in Eastern Central Europe. (45 with 45 degrees). Next to: Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Black Sea.. Romania is a medium s

Why are you a vampire?

You are a vampire because you have vampire blood and have either 1) been turned (like me) or 2) been born one because someone in your family is one.

What can vampires do that you can not?

Assuming vampires exist and have 'powers' as described in most legends, there are a couple differences between humans and vampires. Vampires are commonly told to have extremel

How do you get to be a vampire?

You can't. Vampires do not exist. Some deluded individuals pretend to be vampires, but pretending is fantasy, and fantasy is not real.

What can you do in Romania?

Romania has a variety of things to do, so it depends on what youlike! There are large cities like Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov andBucharest to explore. It is situated in the
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Is Romania a vampire city?

No. A. Romania is not a city, it is a country. B. It is not a vampire COUNTRY as vampires are purely fictional characters which do not find their place in the REAL folklore. T
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Are there vampires in Romania now?

Answer 1 No. While there are numerous vampire legends in Romania there are no actual vampires there as vampires aren't real. . Answer 2 However there are such thing