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Are you a pathological liar if you tell a lot of lies for no reason?

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Don't fall into the trap of trying to label yourself or someone else and treating mental health issues like physical disease. If you lie and that behavior is pathological (causes problems in your life or in the lives of those you care for) you need to address that issue. If someone has been taught by their family to lie from childhood on, it is very likely that they will grow up to be a "pathological liar" and a "compulsive liar" because they simply don't value truth and don't get the connecton between their lies and problems they create.
A compulsive liar is probably also "pathological". It's hard to imagine a complusive liar that wouldn't cause problems for themselves or someone else. The distinction isn't clear and neither term has a clear, distinct diagnosis.  
If you suspect you are one, then you're most likely not.
Compulsive, may be a more apt description for you.
A 'pathological liar' tends to believe his or her lies; lies to make himself look better or superior, or to draw attention to himself. It's got a lot to do with self-esteem, I believe. Often narcissists are 'pathological liars.'
A compulsive liar just feels 'compelled' to lie. Just like a compulsive eater, can't control their eating habits.
It's still a disorder and can cause you no end of trouble. But therapy or even just a support group can help. If you recognize that your behavior is not normal, then you are already on the right track.  
I just ended an 8 yr relationship with someone who is a pathological liar .
From the beginning , he had cheated on his wife, and of course it was all her fault. He had married her only because it was the thing to do at the time.
This was the beginning of the lies, I was kept away from his family , because I was the one who he left his wife for. It was lies about why I could not see his children , or come over when he had the kids. Working late , all the time , or constantly working on the house, He never could complete a project without it taking forever, because he lied about actually doing it.
I found out , when his fiancee called me, his girlfriend of 8 yrs and asked who I was. She had been with him a year and a half. No wonder he was always busy or working late, or he also said his daughter needed therapy, she was deeply disturbed, I can imagine.
When he got caught that day, he asked me how we could do this to him. I honestly think he believed all the lies he had told both of us. His fiancee called me later that night and said she had dumped him. I told her she could have him, now i know why my friends, family and co workers all thought he was a liar. He did not want to get to know any of them. I believe she is still with him , because his lies are so convincing , I,m sure she will find out in the end , as I and his wife did , I feel sorry for her. But I know he is not going to change or get the help he needs, because he believes what he is saying is true.  
My brother lies about the silliest things-constantly. He usually does it so as to not hurt someones feelings. Even tho if he told the truth, he would save himself sooo much trouble. He really means well. So now that I have a friend that constantly lies to me about everything under the sun, I try to keep a little patience-Hoping she is the same as my brother. Trying to not hurt my feelings or embarrass herself. I now read between the lines of what anyone tells me. I expect everyone to be like him and to an extent-most people do lie-a lot, for no reason. It's just a part of their life. I try so hard not to lie seeing it all the time that I have been told that I am hurtfully truthful. I don't know which is better. . . to lie or not to lie.  
You wont be a pathological liar for that matter. But if you are talking about someone else, then yeah sure. People tend to lie a lot and little do they realize. But sometimes they DO realize and DO know that they are lying, you will hear them say "My lies don't harm anyone, really" or something to tht effect. While a liar's lies may not harm 'anyone' they do no good either, and it hurts to know the truth later on simply because it had been delayed for NO good reason in the victim's mind.
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What are the possible repercussions of confronting a pathological liar- Are they likely to start spreading lies about you?

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