Are you considered a veteran if you served in the coast guard?

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How many years do you have to serve to be considered veteran?

Answer . 180 days of Active Service and an Honorable Discharge. Answer . My father was in the navy and it didn't have anything to do with how long he served. He is considered a veteran and it often refers to retired armed services personnel. A veteran is one who has served in the armed forc (MORE)

What does the coast guard do?

Answer The Coast Guard patrols the waters around states that have water-ways being there to help people in peril. I say in peril, their boat could be sinking or have motor problems. There could be someone sick or injured and the Coast Guard helps out when it can. They also patrol the sea's for dru (MORE)

What is the Coast Guard?

The U.S. Coast Guard is a multi-mission branch of the military that engages in maritime search and rescue, law enforcement, drug interdiction, alien migrant interdiction, port, waterway and coastal security, homeland security and national defense. They operate under the Department of Homeland Securi (MORE)

Are you a veteran if you served in the National Guard?

No. H.R. 1025 passed the House in 2012 but has not yet passed the Senate. Currently, you are only considered a veteran if you served on a Title 10 tour of duty. 99% of all National Guard active duty is served on Title 32. H.R. 1025 won't cost the government a penny, but until it becomes law, service (MORE)

Is a coast guard a veteran?

If you served in the Coast Guard, then yeah you are a veteran. The Coast Guard is a branch of the military, so people in the Coast Guard are soldiers.

Why do veterans serve?

Veterans served for a variety of reasons. Some served to get awayfrom home, some for a education, some following in familyfootsteps, and some following their dreams.

Are you a veteran if you were in the National Guard?

The statutory definition of veteran is quite different. If you served on active duty or you were injured while performing active or inactive duty for training in the National Guard then you are a veteran who may be entitled to federal benefits. Service in a combat zone or period of war is not a dete (MORE)

Are you considered a veteran if you are a discharged reservist who served on active duty during the Persian Gulf war?

The VA reserves the right to administer their programs on what they consider appropiate US military conflicts. Often times they can be VERY SPECIFIC; they will want to know, specifically, which Gulf War (which conflict/which Operation):. 1. Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988); the US was involved with this w (MORE)

Did veteran serve the military?

By definition, a veteran is someone that served in the military. There are other used of the term for those that have been in jobs and skill sets for long periods of time. But the use of veteran for Vetereans Day is specific to the military type.

How do you find veterans you served with in Korea?

Your best bet is to contact one of the veterans organizations. The Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion can help you with databases and publications to assist you in locating your fellow comrades.

Are you considered a veteran if you served from 1970 to 1976 in the Army reserves?

This is a common question and should be addressed to the Veterans Administration; they no doubt will have an answer for you. However, they will want to know if you were "active reserve", meaning in uniform and attending the required duties. In contrast to being a reservist that never wore the unifor (MORE)

Which is better the National Guard or Coast Guard?

If you want to be fully employed and kept busy...join the Coast Guard. Formerly under the directive of the Teasury Department, then the Transportation Department, now the Homeland Security Department...the USCG is very busy rescuing people at sea, enforcing the laws at sea (lakes and rivers), as wel (MORE)

Are military personnel still serving considered veterans?

Anyone who is either on Active Duty, Reserves, or is a former service member is considered a military Veteran. However, recognition and status is based on the type of discharge - dishonorable or bad conduct discharges strip you of all Veteran's rights.

Served in reserve during Vietnam war considered a Vietnam era veteran?

It is my best recollection that weekend warriors(National Guard and Enlisted Reserve) are not considered Viet Nam Era veterans unless they served two years of active duty during the years 1961-1974? Some sites cite 1964 as the beginning of the era and others cite different ending dates. The exceptio (MORE)

Is the coast guard a branch of the national guard?

no it is not, its is it own branch of service, funded completely by the U.S. government. Not like the national guard the has state influence. Actually, the Coast Guard is under the Dept. Of Transportation and the National Guard is under the Dept. Of The Army.

Who are considered Commissioned officers in the Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard uses the same rank structure as the Navy. Thus, anyone who wears the rank of Ensign, Lieutenant JG, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, or any Admiral rank, in considered a commissioned officer of the Coast Guard, and is also recognised by the rest of the Armed Forc (MORE)

Are you a veteran if you served in the National Guard from 1979 to 1983?

The normal questions from the VA during those years was usually, "how many days active duty, discounting active duty FOR TRAINING...?" However, times have changed, contact them again and see if government policies have been re-adjusted. After all, the Guard has been used heavily for over-seas deploy (MORE)

What is considered a veteran?

A veteran is any member of the armed forces who was deployed overseas to a combat zone area during the times that the United States specifies that area as a hostile threat to our country and our citizens. I served in Vietnam as a Marine and wished that G.W.Bush had the guts to have done something le (MORE)

I served actve duty from 1959 to Dec 1962. I was in active reserve from 1962 to 1967. I never served in Vietnam. Am I considered a Vietnam veteran?

Check with TODAYs VA. They change their rules (federal laws) frequently. They up-date them, change them, add to them, and delete them. During the Vietnam days, reserves (Army and Air National Guard & USAR/USNR/USMCR/etc) normally did not receive veteran status credit for active duty TRAINING days (MORE)

Are National Guard considered veterans?

yes if the member was deployed for over 180 days of active service. It is my understanding that they do not count active duty for training. I was in the Guard, and remember doing the same thing in basic as US and RA members did there and in AIT. Does their training time count toward the 180 da (MORE)

Are You Veteran if you served in the New York State National Guard from 1963-1969?

NYS does not recognize National Guard and Reserves as veterans even after completion of their military obligations. Most (if not all) State and City applications with veterans preferences do not recognize National Guard/Reserve service, regardless of how long or honorable it was. The simple rule use (MORE)

Why are coast guard considered veterans?

The coast guard is a branch of the military. Most small boat operations in armed conflicts are driven by a coastie . Most of the landing craft driven onto the beaches of normandy where skippered by the coast guard. They are armed and even go on special ops missions with teams like the seals. They al (MORE)

How Do Veterans Serve?

Some stay in the active reserves and so are available for militaryservice in the event of a a war or national emergency. Some sharetheir military experiences with high school students and others.Most of them serve the same as non-veterans in their jobs and theircommunity service.

What can you do for the coast guard?

You can do many things in the Coast Guard. For example, you can have a civilian job such as in civil engineering or wellness coordination. If you choose to be enlisted, one of your responsibilities may be finding drug traffickers.