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At what age can a child quit school with their parents signing in Tennessee?

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Age a child can quit school in Tennessee According to the State of Tennessee website, all children must attend school between the ages of 6 and 17.
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At what age can a child choose which parent they live with in Tennessee?

Under Tennessee statute, the court will consider the reasonable preference of the child over the age of 12. They can choose to listen to what the child wants but they are not

What age can a child quit school in pa?

you can quit school when ever you want to. all you have to do isdrop out. Get more details on quitting school. It would beeducative and you would even refer your friends who a

What is the legual age in the state of tennessee to quit school?

You cannot legally quit school until the age of 17 according to TN law. However, they have the right to suspend your driving privileges until you complete school or turn 18. H