Can a Canada permanent resident travel to the US without a visa?

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Do Mexican citizens with permanent residency in the US need a Mexican passport or visa to travel to Italy?

I was just doing research on this topic last week and found out that no visa is required if your stay is less than 90 days.. Most of the sites I found were travel sites and they all had this posted:. Visa required by all except the following for stays of up to 90 days: (a) nationals of countri (MORE)

Can a us permanent resident travel to Hawaii without passport?

Hawai'i is a US state, therefore no passport is needed for US citizens to travel to or from Hawai'i.. Hawaii is part of the United States. Therefore, if you are a Citizen or a Permanent Resident(Green Card holder) you won't be needing a passport to go there. DL will do.

Can a permanent US resident travel to Venezuela without a visa?

A Permanent Resident of the United States can travel freelyoutside of the US. A passport from the country of citizenship isnormally all that is needed. NOT TRUE (S)HE MAY NEED A VISA. To reenter the US a Permanent Resident normally needs to presentthe green card (Permanent Resident Card, Form I- (MORE)

Can a permanent US resident travel to Czech Republic without a visa?

ttly agree at the bottom..pasports. ):):). It would depend on what passport you hold. Just because you are a permanent resident does not mean you are a citizen.. To find out visa requirements for the passport you hold, please contact your local Czech Republic Consulate or Embassy for the latest (MORE)

Can you travel to Canada without a visa?

hi, My name sajid iqbal i from Kashmir under control Pakistan but now i am living in Italy legally as a Political stay,i have legal status in Italy i have Travel Dacuments of UNO.Can i travel to canada without visa?

Do us residents need a visa to travel to Spain?

US residents don't need a visa to visit for personal or business. 90 days is the maximum stay without a visa. An American visitor will need to present a valid American passport (valid three months beyond intended stay), proof of sufficient funds and a return airline ticket."

What countries do not require a visa for US permanent residents Green card holders?

country that do not required visa permanently out of the country resident greencardholder . Green Card . The "green card," which has not really been green-colored for many years, is also known by other terms: a permanent visa, lawful permanent residence, and immigration to the US. Students who (MORE)

Where can a permanent US resident travel without Visa?

With a permanent US resident visa you are allowed to entry and travel around the United States. However, a permanent residency does not equate to a passport and you will still require your passport to travel outside the US. And, when travelling into the United States from another country you would a (MORE)

Does a us resident need a visa to travel to Spain?

It is not your residency which defines if you need a visa, it is your nationality (citizenship) US Citizens do not need a visa when they travel to Spain for business or for personal travel for up to 90 days. A US visitor will need to present a valid US passport (valid three months beyond inte (MORE)

Can a foreigner with a valid US visa marry a permanent resident and file a petition?

Yes, the spouse would be able to file a petition (I-130). However, since the spouse is only a permanent resident, a spouse visa would not be available for some 3-4 years. Therefore, the foreigner would HAVE to return to their native country and wait for the spouse visa to become available. The forei (MORE)

What countries can canadian permanent resident card holders go without a visa?

Outside Canada \n. Foreign government authorities may require the production of a PR Card in some circumstances: \n . Canadian permanent residents require a PR Card, unless the person's \npassport in itself is sufficient for exemption. A Canadian PR Card \nholder, in general may travel visa-free (MORE)

Does a permanent resident have to apply for a visa to travel outside of the us?

Not necessary.If you are a green card holder and will be outside the US for less than twelve months (one calendar year) you will need your green card. Otherwise, you will need to apply for and receive form I-131, which you will need to present before reentering U.S. Green card holders can travel (MORE)

Does a permanent resident in the UK need a visa to visit Canada and US?

The US has a visa waiver program under which nationals of selected countries are allowed to enter the US for periods of less than 90 days without a visa (you still need a passport) provided they meet certain other criteria as well. Permanent resident status does not make you a "national" of the UK; (MORE)

My daughter is a US citizen i am from france on a tourist visa i am wondering how i can gain permanent residency here without having to get married or get a work visa?

Since your daughter is a US citizen, she can sponsor a green card directly for you. This is possible as you are in the immediate relative category. You will not have to wait for a long time( for the visa number to be available) due to this preference category. Your daughter should be above 21 year (MORE)

Do Canadian permanent resident need visa to travel to Georgia Georgia?

If the Canadian resident is going to the state of Georgia in the United States or going to the country of Georgia he or she will need a passport. There are just a handful of countries, usually tourist destinations such as the Caymans, that don't need a passport, but be sure to inquire when buying ti (MORE)

Can a US citizen retiree get permanent resident status in Canada?

It is possible for you, as a US citizen who is retired, to obtainpermanent resident status in Canada, if there is a good reason foryou to be in Canada, such as, to join your closest relatives whohappen to be Canadian citizens. Your specific circumstances have tobe considered by the immigrantion offi (MORE)

Can a US permanent resident get permanent visa of Canada?

Yes, it sounds like you can apply for permanent residency in Canada if you live at least 2 out of every 5 years in that country. A US Permanent Resident could lose their status if they leave the country for more than 365 days though, or don't file taxes and stuff like that, so you would have to be c (MORE)

Where can a permanent Turkish resident from Turkey travel without a visa?

A Turkish people may visit Turkey with his nation Id proof. Butwhen he wants to visit his country I don't think there will be suchplace he could travel without having a VISA. However, turkey isreally a nice place for have the tour. I had a tour from therethree months ago and thanks to "Citadeltours" (MORE)

How can get permanent resident visa for Canada?

As a preliminary info: 1. You need to have a valid passport to apply for a visa to Canada. 2. You should not have any criminal records. 3. You should have a purpose for the visit. 4. Enough Money in your account for applying for visa & foryour own expenses in the foreign land.