Can a Canada permanent resident travel to the US without a visa?

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Can a permanent US resident travel to Venezuela without a visa?

A Permanent Resident of the United States can travel freelyoutside of the US. A passport from the country of citizenship isnormally all that is needed. NOT TRUE (S)HE MAY NEE

Can a permanent US resident travel to Czech Republic without a visa?

ttly agree at the bottom..pasports. ):):). It would depend on what passport you hold. Just because you are a permanent resident does not mean you are a citizen.. To find o

Where can a permanent US resident travel without Visa?

With a permanent US resident visa you are allowed to entry and travel around the United States. However, a permanent residency does not equate to a passport and you will still

Does a permanent resident have to apply for a visa to travel outside of the us?

Not necessary.If you are a green card holder and will be outside the US for less than twelve months (one calendar year) you will need your green card. Otherwise, you will need

Can a US permanent resident get permanent visa of Canada?

Yes, it sounds like you can apply for permanent residency in Canada if you live at least 2 out of every 5 years in that country. A US Permanent Resident could lose their statu

Where can a permanent Turkish resident from Turkey travel without a visa?

A Turkish people may visit Turkey with his nation Id proof. Butwhen he wants to visit his country I don't think there will be suchplace he could travel without having a VISA.

How can get permanent resident visa for Canada?

As a preliminary info: 1. You need to have a valid passport to apply for a visa to Canada. 2. You should not have any criminal records. 3. You should have a purpose for the v