Can a Canadian citizen marry an American citizen in the US?

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anyone can marry anyone from anywhere, however it does not make the immigrant legal, and alot of the time, has no effect on the courts decision if the immigrant can stay
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You are a Canadian citizen visiting US Do you need to return to Canada to marry a US Citizen?

If you are talking about getting married in Canada, then no paperwork is needed. In the US a fiancee's visa, which takes four months to get, is required. Answer nope.. you can get married but you won't be able to work. I AM LEGALLY married to an American man and i am Canadian. I got married to hi (MORE)

How long will it take for a Canadian to get a greencard after he marries a US citizen?

It depends on if he is entering as a spouse or fiance. If you marry in Canada, he will have to reside in Canada until he can get a visa, which I have been told by Immigration is two to three years. If he entered as a fiance, then about 8 months after you get married, or longer. The actual length of (MORE)

Can a Canadian citizen married to a US citizen work in the US?

Answer . Yes, but they have to apply for and receive US immigration permission .. Answer . Do not work until you have your Employment Authorization Card. You can get one by filing the I-765, which you should have filed in the package for the Adjustment of Status based on marriage to a US citi (MORE)

Can an American citizen marry a Canadian citizen in Canada?

Answer . \nYes you can, but you will have to go to Imigration for instructions as to what papers you need, etc. It's a little tougher since 9/11, but I know lots of Americans that are living in British Columbia. \\n. \nGood luck\nMarcy

How do you go about becoming a US citizen after marrying an American?

my boyfriend from mexcio and we want to get marry but he not us citizen i from usa Individuals who obtain a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen are granted "Conditional" Green Card status, which is only valid for two years. Individuals who have been granted Conditional Green Card Status (MORE)

How can you become an American citizen if you are Canadian?

Becoming a US Citizen . Be sure you have looked into the American Government system before you make any long term plans. It is falling apart. Also the health care system here is pathetic. How can I become a Canadian citizen?. haha the previous poster is right .. America isn't what it used to be (MORE)

Can a Canadian marry a US citizen in the US?

Answer . Yes, they can marry where ever they wish. However, there are immigration laws that regulate if the Canadian can leave the US after their marriage. Re-Entry visa MUST be obtained BEFORE leaving the US by the Canadian until Resisdency is established.

Can a Canadian citizen sue an American citizen?

Answer . \nMaybe, whether or not diversity jurisdiction applies is determined by the facts of the case in question.\n. \nAny civil case between a US citizen and a citizen of another country can be filed in a US Federal Court if the suit is for $10,000 or more.\n. \nThe state in which the US de (MORE)

How do you marry a Canadian if you are an American citizen?

You just get a marriage license and get married. Before doing so, however, you should learn how the marriage will influence your ability to apply for citizenship in the country where the non-citizen will live. Another Answer That would depend upon the laws and customs of the place in which you int (MORE)

How does an American citizen marry an Australian citizen?

You can start the process by first going to and read up on the section dealing with K1 Visa (fiance(e) visa). You will need to file an I-129F form, as well as send in a LOT of paperwork showing that both of you are willing to enter into the marriage, as well as both of you are able to (MORE)

Can a Canadian citizen marry in the U.S.?

Answer . Yes. You will need to meet the requirements of the state you wish to marry in (get a license, have the proper I.D., for example). A marriage that is valid and legal in the United States is considered valid and legal by the Canadian governmet and courts.

If a US green card holder marry a Canadian citizen will she become a Canadian citizen?

No . No. Assuming that there are no other legal impediments to your entering Canada, you could get into Canada. You could apply for permanent resident status - something you should do BEFORE you arrive in Canada. Being married to a Canadian citizen would probably be a big advantage. Getting Canad (MORE)

Can an American citizen living in Mexico marry a Mexican in the US?

Yes. I married my wife, a Mexican citizen, in the US while living with her family in Mexico. She had a B1-B2 visa so she could legally enter the US. We returned to Mexico to live. It took 4 hrs including crossing the border. For us to get PERMISSION to marry in Mexico would have taken months.

How does a Canadian citizen marry an American citizen?

The laws for obtaining a marriage license don't address citizenship. You just get married. However, you should first research immigration law to find out how the marriage might influence the non-citizen's ability to apply for citizenship in the country where you will reside. Another answer: google (MORE)

Can Canadian citizen get US Citizenship?

yes u can get a US citizenship... If u r working on a TN visa, you can't apply.Other visas like H-1B only allows dual intend.At the outset you will need to have physical presence in the US for minimum 5 years.Form N-400 will be the form you would need to apply with for US citizenship. A Green (MORE)

If you marry an American are you an American citizen?

If you are a foreigner marrying a US citizen, then no you are not a US citizen. Marriage to a citizen does normally give you "permanent resident" status for the duration of the union, and qualifies you for certain paths to citizenship, but it's not automatically granted.

How does an American citizen divorce a Canadian citizen in the US?

If a US citizen divorces a Canadian citizen (who is in US legally) and they have a minor child who has dual citizenship can the US Citizen who is the dad file to state that mom (Canadian)cannot take minor child out of the Arizona (the state they currently reside in) for no longer than 30 days for va (MORE)

Can a Canadian citizen marry a Brazilian citizen in Canada?

Hello, I did just that! When you marry a Brazilian you must either do one of two things:. Apply for permentent residence status for your partner and that can take 6-8 months this must be done in brazil. via the embassy. once the residency papers have been complteted and you have them, your par (MORE)

What is the process for a Canadian marrying US citizen?

The Application Process . The following is a general description of the application process: (No matter where you got married this will be applicable.). You get married and get the marriage certificate. . Get the application forms relating to the "Immediate Relative Visa" (commonly called the (MORE)

When a Canadian marries a us citizen do they become us citizens?

No they do not automatically become a US Citizen. They would have to get a spouse's visa and then a marriage based Green Card. After the elapse of time - usually 5 years, they may then apply for US citizenship. - The period of time is 3 years, assuming you stay married to your US citizen spouse (MORE)

Does a Canadian citizen become a US citizen when they marry a US citizen?

Not automatically, no. Any foreign national CAN become a US citizen, but, request has to be made. In many cases, dual citizenship may be offered by the original nation, and may or may not be considered by the US INS. Please make careful inquiry of BOTH the original nation and the US INS to avoid a (MORE)

Can a Canadian citizen live in the US if he or she marries a US citizen?

Yes. When a non-citizen marries a U.S. citizen, s/he can then apply for US permanent residency. It is important to note that you cannot marry someone solely to obtain a green card as that is considered fraud (though, for the most part, it is the government's burden to show fraud, not your burden to (MORE)

Can a Canadian citizen work in US?

Yes. Tens of thousands do so: almost all have work permits or student visas. A fraction of Canadian workers here are illegal aliens who overstayed visas.

Can a Canadian man marry a man who is a US citizen?

Yes, there is no citizenship or residency requirement for marriage in either the US or Canada. However, if they marry in the United States, they will have to marry in a state that permits same-sex couples to marry (see related question below). They may, however, marry in any province in Canada. Beca (MORE)

Can you become a citizen if you marry a us citizen?

It doesn't bar you from becoming a US citizen, but it doesn't automatically make you one either. You still have to go through a citizenship process, though the one for spouses of citizens is a little more streamlined.

Can Americans become Canadian citizens?

I can state definitely that Americans can become Canadian citizens; I myself was an American, born in New York, and I am now a Canadian citizen. This does not, of course, mean that every American can become a Canadian citizen. Canada, like any other country, has specific citizenship requirements, (MORE)

How long can a Canadian citizen married to a US Citizen stay in the US?

I'm not 100% certain of what I'm about to say. I don't think being married to a U.S. citizen by itself has any effect on how long you can stay in the U.S. You must apply to the Immigration Service for a change in status. I think this normally takes three steps with the first being an applicati (MORE)