Can a Catholic baby have two Godmothers and a Godfather?

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Not normally, but I would talk to my priest about it because I'm sure that it's possible.

Canon law states one godparent of each sex but not two of the same sex. If you want two godmothers, only one female is formally entered into the register. Often, both can be called to sponsor, and you can call them both godmother, but it It depends on the parish priest to allow this, so you should check.
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What is a godfather and godmother?

Godfathers and godmothers are known people to the child's family. And at the time of baptism usually are there to in case the parents are killed or die in accidents to look af

Can a godfather marry his godmother?

As long as the Godfather and Godmother are not genetically related they can marry. Most often the Godmother is not related to the parents child (which would be you.)

What is 'godfather and godmother' when translated from English to Italian?

Compare e comare and padrino e madrina are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "godfather and godmother." Context makes clear whether a less formal (case 1) or more f

Can a baby have two godmothers and two godfathers?

U can have as many God mothers and God fathers as U want but don't consider them as Gods , people just gave them a name to call them that. ANSWER 2: Godparents are men

Who is the godfather of a Catholic?

The Catholic man who is chosen to stand as a witness to the baptismof a Catholic - adult or infant - and who is ready to help instructthe newly baptized in the faith. The Godf