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Can a marine that earned a ranger tab be assigned to an army ranger squad?

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If they ETS from the Marines and then reenlist into the Army. They won't be assigned to an Army Ranger unit from the Marine Corps.
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What is the difference between becoming an army ranger and just going to ranger school Can you earn the Ranger badge either way?

Becoming an Army Ranger would mean you have completed and passed RIP, Airborne and Ranger school and belong/serve in a Ranger Batt. There are many 62 day Rangers. These are So

Can a marine become a army ranger?

Certainly. You get out of the Marines at your normal separation date, then reenlist into the Army for the 75th Ranger Regiment. As far as walking into your Marine Corps first

What is a Army Ranger?

An Army Ranger is an elite, light infantry soldier of the US Army. They are members of the 75th Ranger Regiment, which has approx. 2500 men. They are infantry, medics, and oth

What does a marine ranger do?

The same thing a Marine does. The Marine does not field any Ranger units, but they do send personnel to Ranger school.

What is the US army rangers equilvent to the marine core?

actually a better question would be what is the marine cores equivalent to the army rangers. the rangers are considered more highly trained and more elite soldiers than the ma

Can you still wear army ranger or special forces tab after transfer to other mos?

So long as you have earned them, yes. The President's Hundred tab, Special Forces tab, Ranger tab, Combat Infantryman/Combat Medic/Combat Action badge, parachutist wings, Air

If the Army has the Army Rangers who do the Marines have?

The U.S. Army have the U.S. Army Rangers and U.S. Army Special Forces more commonly know as the Green Berets and the U.S. Marine Corps have Recon Marines (split into Divison R

Who have better Snipers the Marines or Army Rangers?

Both are highly trained in their craft. If any difference exists it may rest in the weapon itself instead of actual skill or training, The standard Marine Sniper Rifle of 2011

Who goes in first the army rangers or marines?

It Depends on the situation, Each group serves a different purpose in the military. The US Army Rangers are a fraction of the military and receive more specialized training su

What is the difference between army rangers and the marines?

Well the short answer is that they are different branches of the military. The long answer is this and I'll try to be as indifferent as possible. Ill compare the rangers to Ma

What is a marine Ranger?

The Marines don't have Ranger units. Marine Corps personnel, however, can attend the Ranger School. Though, if somebody tells you they were a "Marine Ranger", you should defin