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Can a relationship that started from adultery last and be healthy?

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A relationship that starts with lies and deceit is a house of cards from the beginning.
I do not believe so because can you really ever trust that person?  
if there is a real connection and love most relationships could last no matter how it started  
Please see my response to "Has anyone gone from a mistress to a new wife and still feels the relationship was true love?" on this site. I have experienced the other side, but can remember what it was like to be where you are now. However, our promises to each other WERE fulfilled. My contact information is at the bottom of my entry if you would like to contact me personally. I certainly empathize with your situation.  
It's worked for me. My wife left her husband shortly after she and I began seeing each other again (We were high school sweethearts). We're still happily married... I think.  
Yes, definitely. As long as both new partners are committed to unflinching intimate honesty. When a relationship starts as an affair there is opportunity for many resentments and fears to take over. But if you remember to try and stay as rational, loving, and honest as possible love can prevail. This has happened for me and even though we've encountered many difficulties along the way, our love has been worth it all. No regrets on either side.  
Maybe there's a small ammount of stable ones, but they usually don't work out long term--too many issues over trust and pain were brought into the current relationship from either person's previous one. Neither person had time to themselves to deal with issues from the previous relationship before they jumped into a new one.
There will always be a doubt about the other person's fidelity--they persuaded a prior person that they loved them, but cheated on them, it's not an impossibility that the same feelings and situation will reoccur.  
NO!!! If the person you committed an affair with cheated on there spouse, then the chances are it will happen to you!
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