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Can a torch make a rough cut on a marble slab?

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No. you don't cut stone with fire. That is just plain stupid. You cut marble with diamond tipped blades or with water jets.
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What does a Babe Ruth Autograph cut and slabbed cost?

A Cut above the rest   A Babe Ruth cut signature, is worth about $2,000.- $3,000. Although a "slabbed" cut signature should sell for a lot more, I only found two "slabbed

What is a rough cost on a cement slab 30' X 56'?

It would vary with the cost of concrete in your area and how thick the slab would be. I assume by the size that you are building a shop or similar. If so, I would go at least

What is the marble slab slogan?

"the freshest ice cream on Earth." The cups and some other packaging also have "Find Happiness Within."

Why are roughing and finishing cuts made?

Roughing cuts are used to bring the diameter of the workpiece down to the rough size of what is specified on the engineering drawing or instruction. This gives some lee-way fo

What makes the rough endoplasmic reticulum rough?

On the rough endoplasmic reticulum, it is rough due to the ribosomes that are on it. The Ribosomes create protein and send them into the endoplasmic reticulum. Ribosomes are m

How does chemical weathering make marble rough?

Okay, I will explain to you that, in the rainfall should had some kind of chemical like alkali, acid, salt, aldehyde, etc. Specially acid will interact with marble which conta

What are the disadvantages of a marble cutting board?

Marble is subject to certain chemicals leavign stains or causing the stone to break down, also marble cutting boards can get "cuts" running through them if using certain types

How do you make a torch circuit?

you have to collect a battery(cell), battery case, 4 wires, and as many bulbs as you ewould like. now link them together. alexia age 12 A very good answer Alexia. Here's how
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Can you cut into post tension slab?

Of course you can. But you risk cutting into a post-tension cable. That would be very bad, but there is no reason why you cannot physically do it. Just make sure you have anot

How do you make a torch on minecraft?

You need to convert logs into planks, then planks into sticks. Place however many sticks you want underneath the same amount of coal and you will get that many torches. Assumi

How do you measure marble slab?

As it is a marble slab, it could be supposed that the shape is fairly regular. So multiplying length by width will give the square area of the slab. It could be that the squar