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Can a torch make a rough cut on a marble slab?

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No. you don't cut stone with fire. That is just plain stupid. You cut marble with diamond tipped blades or with water jets.
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What does a Babe Ruth Autograph cut and slabbed cost?

A Cut above the rest   A Babe Ruth cut signature, is worth about $2,000.- $3,000. Although a "slabbed" cut signature should sell for a lot more, I only found two "slabbed

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I have researched "Glues for marble", this is professional glue for granite and marble, follow the directions and it will work great for your purpose. I have used all kinds of

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Scagliola marbling is done with a mix of animal glue (hide or rabbit skin), Gipsum (plaster of Paris, selenite) and powder pigments. Some techniques add marble or alabaster p

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You need to convert logs into planks, then planks into sticks. Place however many sticks you want underneath the same amount of coal and you will get that many torches. Assumi