Can a torch make a rough cut on a marble slab?

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No. you don't cut stone with fire. That is just plain stupid. You cut marble with diamond tipped blades or with water jets.
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Concrete slab cutting?

\nYou'll need a special saw with a diamond blade.

Can marble slabs warp?

have not seen it happen in the thousand year old European buildings, but there is a variety of marble available. Granite on the other hand lasts very well exposed to all eleme

Can you cut into post tension slab?

Of course you can. But you risk cutting into a post-tension cable. That would be very bad, but there is no reason why you cannot physically do it. Just make sure you have anot

What is the marble slab slogan?

"the freshest ice cream on Earth." The cups and some other packaging also have "Find Happiness Within."

How does chemical weathering make marble rough?

Okay, I will explain to you that, in the rainfall should had some kind of chemical like alkali, acid, salt, aldehyde, etc. Specially acid will interact with marble which conta

Is marble smooth or rough?

As quarried, marble has a surface somewhat like sandpaper. But marble takes a very high polish - almost mirror-like in some cases.

How much does marble slab icecream cost?

It depends on what toppings you put on it and what ice-cream you get. If this wasn't the answer you were looking for, then you should be more specific.

Do you get paid for training at marble slab creamery?

You should , I hope your manager has told you about this before .. If he/she didn't .. then your not asking enough QUESTIONS !! Marble slabs a great company too work for as a

How do you measure marble slab?

As it is a marble slab, it could be supposed that the shape is fairly regular. So multiplying length by width will give the square area of the slab. It could be that the squar
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How are marble slabs mined without breaking?

Marble is metamorphised limestone and a soft rock, so care is needed to quarry large slabs with a minimum of breakage. The most common modern method of marble quarrying is ben