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Can an UK expat return to the UK after 17 years and claim housing and social security benefits immediately?

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What a disgraceful answer! This person has probably paid into the UK system so why should they not be entitled to a little help if they want to come home? You have no idea what their circumstances are. Unfortunately I don't know the answer but hopefully someone with a little more compassion that the previous poster will be able to provide one.

lets hope not
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How much do asylum seekers claim for benefits in the UK?

The amount given to asylum seekers is less than 1% of what is spent on the NHS each year.. Individual asylum seekers receive around 70% (£38.96 per week) of income support

American expats in UK?

This group is huge; has been going for over 7 years!. http://www.meetup.com/americansabroad/. Superbowl London. 11:28 pm U.K. Watch it on BBC 1!. Or watch it with a crowd!

Ex pat returning to UK after 9 years what benefits entitled to?

Benefits receivable would vary depending on how long NI contributions had been made before emigrating, the nature of your return, value of savings and income of partner. If

Can landlords claim social security benefits?

If rent is the sole source of income and no material services for the convenience of the tenants are provided, then the landlord has no income from self-employment to report a

Can ex-husband prevent a former wife of 29 years from claiming benefits from his social security benefits?

Absolutely not. Individuals do not have that degree of authority. Social Security is governed by law. See related link. Absolutely not. Individuals do not have that degree of