Can criminal charges be filed when a repo man attempts to take your car and hooks the car to the wrecker and moves the car while your kids are still in it?

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Depending on the state, it can be downright illegal to repo your car if you object, unless it is by a sheriff (see: New York). In almost all states, it is illegal to tow a vehicle with someone inside it. A court order would be necessary to deal with such a repossession. No matter what, you aren't keeping the car, you're just delaying the inevitable you signed onto something you couldn't afford.

It likely a criminal to tow (leave the scene) the vehicle while the kids are in it. Hooking up to it is probably not, loading it on the truck, possibly may be, but towing it while they are inside, at least in Texas, would likely be considered kidnapping if they left with your kids, and/or child endangerment. However, when the police show up they are going to tell you to get your kids out of the car, or remove them and hand them to you. Your failure to remove them when told to do so may subject you to some violation of the law.
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