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Can developmentally disabled adults on medicare and medicaid get life insurance without losing benefits?

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Life insurance is not a bar to eligibility for either Medicare or Medicaid.
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Does Medicare or Medicaid insurance cover weight loss surgery?

I live in Illinois and have both Medicare and Medicaid and had gastric bypass. I paid nothing for my surgery (which was in St. Louis, MO). I haven't had any co-pays either. My

How do you drawing medicare benefits without social security benefits?

You would contact 1-800-MEDICARE and inform them that you are still working or you do not wish to begin your Social Security, but need Medicare. They will then determine if yo

If you are on Social Security disability can you work without losing your benefits?

Yes you can attempt to go back to work without losing your benefits. The Social Security Disability department has special rules that help you keep your cash benefits and Medi

What disabilities qualify for benefits under disability insurance?

You will need to check your disability policy for this answer. This is because the disability policy is a contract. Like other contracts, it defines the rights and obligations

Can medicare take a life insurance policy?

If what you are asking is whether Medicare can seize an insurance policy, the general answer is "No". Medicare is a government benefit program that pays a monthly amount to c

Are private disability insurance benefits taxable?

Individual disability insurance benefits are not taxable, because the premiums are paid with after-tax money. The employer paid disability insurance policies have taxable bene

Can Medicaid take a Life Insurance Policy on a deceased person?

If the person is deceased then the "policy" is now going to change into a death benefit check once a claim is properly filed. Providing the beneficiary is another individual a

DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY for a parent of a developmental disabled adult child?

DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY: Form to grant power of attorney to another for the conduct of business and other transactions, with the power remaining effective upon grantor's lat

Can someone lose or have lessened their medicaid or medicare benefits if they receive a law suit settlement due to personal injury?

Medicare benefits are not based on one's income and/or assets and, therefore, are not affected by personal injury awards.  For Medicaid, benefits might be suspended (or term

What are the benefits of Medicaid and Medicare?

Several. Medicare provides low-cost health insurance to seniors and disabled citizens. Medicaid provides health care coverage at little or no cost to indigent citizens. Neithe