Can someone who is not related to you be added to an existing policy if that person lives at the same residence and has a drivers license?

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Yes, and especially if they may be driving your vehicle while they are living with you.
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Can you insure another driver on your existing policy even though the other driver has a different address on their driver's license?

Answer . Yes, depending on the state & circumstances (for instance, if your son or daughter is military or college and is licensed to drive in the state where they live, bu

Who is the Oldest person with a drivers license?

My mom Elizebeth (Betty) Flaherty was born on July 7th 1912. Age 98 She currently not only holds a valid California drivers licence but drives to work at Warrior Custom Golf

If someone has a misdemeanor warrant can they get a drivers license in the state they live in?

Yes. After you are arrested and get done in Court with all the penalties. People under indictment for any reason cannot make application for a drivers' license in most states,

Do you have to be legal resident to get a driver license in Boston?

Yes you need a social security number to get a licence . But you can register a car in Boston without a license but that will come to a end soon. Beware Boston isn't alien fri

Does a licensed driver without a car that live in the same household have to be insured under parents policy?

If you drive your parents car then you are required to be scheduled on your parents policy. Failure to do so would be considered insurance fraud by concealment of a known risk

Will liability auto insurance policy cover a person driving your car if they have an out of state drivers license or an expired license?

It depends on why they were driving your car and on what type of insurance you bought. If you bought the cheapest coverage, usually a limited or named driver policy then th
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Can a insurance company deny my claim if i dont add someone to the policy whose drivers license is suspended or don't have a license?

Yes. Carefully read the application and questions on the application. If this is the person driving the car when the claim happens then I can almost guarantee that the claim w