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Can the HIV virus show up in normal routine blood work when you have a check-up?

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Not in Normal Blood Tests No. You need to ask specifically for the HIV blood test. Some blood tests may alert the doctor that something is wrong. HIV-infected individuals may have abnormal blood tests, and there are certain abnormalities that are commonly seen in infected people. Should these abnormalities be found, it would be similar to the doctor finding clinical signs in a physical examination that would raise his suspicion. In areas where the prevalence of HIV is low, such as the USA and Europe, it is still unlikely that the cause is HIV - there are many causes for these abnormalities. Even in areas where the prevalence of HIV is high, these abnormal results cannot be used to decide whether or not someone has HIV - they still are often caused by something else, just as swollen lymph nodes are often caused by something else.
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Will HIV show up in a regular blood test?

  no,because in HIV test,they don't check the blood.   they check the resistance of the body to HIV   no,because in HIV test,they don't check the blood.   they ch

Would hiv show up in a standard blood test?

Yes.When the whuite blood number lower than 200 hundred this it is reasson to thing that somthing wrong tis happening in your body.

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How long does it take for hiv to show up in blood?

At a minimum, it takes about 2 weeks before enough antibodies are produced in the blood so that a test for HIV would be reactive (positive).

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