Can the father of an underage pregnant girl go to prison?

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laws vary from state to state, but most likely yes, he would go to prison for statory rape. It depends how old he is. But yes he can get in a lot of trouble.
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Where can a 17-year-old pregnant girl go to marry the baby's father who is also 17 without parental consent?

Nowhere in the United States. However, as soon as they both turn 18, they will be able to get married. I believe you could get married in Georgia, but if it would be recognized in the state you live in I do not know! get a hold of the juvanile courthouse in your county and make an appointment te (MORE)

If a girl has gotten pregnant at fifteen years old and is now sixteen and the father is now eighteen can the father go to jail?

Answer . \nNo the father wont go to jail. Answer . If you are not married to him, and he was under 18 when you got pregnant - YES\n. \n . \n States establish AOC laws and when and how those laws are applied. When both persons are underaged authorites will not usually intervene when the s (MORE)

If you are underage and pregnant by a boy over 16 will he go to jail if your parents and you do not want him to?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nDepends on the state, and your age.\n. \n. \n . \n Factors that determine legal action that can be taken relating to such adult a relationship depends largely upon the AOC laws in the state where the parties reside.\n. \nIn some cases age discrepancy, the older p (MORE)

Does an underage pregnant girl have to go to a doctor even if she is scared of her parents finding out?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe sooner you tell your parents the better. It's not like they aren't going to find out anyway.\n. \n. \n . \n . \nYes.\n. \nIt is extremely important for her health and that of her baby for her to have pre-natal care.\n. \nThe young lady might wish to contact (MORE)

Why did charles dickens' father go to prison?

Answer: . John Dickens was briefly imprisoned at Marshalsea Debtors Prison, having spent beyond his means on lavish entertainment. He and his wife were both chronically improvident and all their life together was spent either squandering or scraping for money..

Did Marvin gaye's father go to prison?

No, his father plead to involuntary manslaughter and received no jail time, he had numerous bruises on his face and head caused during the argument that ultimately caused the death of the Jr. Gaye. Additionally the Jr. Gaye had cocaine in his system at the time of autopsy.. Info found on the web pa (MORE)

How young is 'underage' if you are pregnant?

I find the question somewhat confusing, but... Underage *generally* refers to someone who is under the age of majority, which is 18 in the US. Pregnancy has no effect on the age of majority. A 17-year-old is underage. A pregnant 17-year-old is still underage.

Can an adult go to jail if his underage girlfriend got pregnant?

Yes, the adult can go to jail. The term "underage" refers to the fact that the person is under the legal age to make decisions. This includes the decision to have sex. That means that if you have sex with her and she "consents" her consent is not valid because she is considered too young to make the (MORE)

What shall you do if your underage son became a father to an underage girlfriend?

This is a hard question to answer, but given the same situation, I believe that I would support him and her. He is, after all, your son - you love him. It may not be an ideal situation, but it's what you've got. Encourage him to make sensible decisions, but do not try to change his mind about things (MORE)

What happens if an underage male gets an underaged female pregnant?

The differences in results are in direct relation to who does what and when. If anyone reports the matters to DHS (Department of Human Services) or CPS (Child Protective Services), and they choose to get involved, charges may be brought against the underage father or mother or both for Sex Wi (MORE)

In Utah when can you get married if your underage and pregnant?

In Utah you can get married as young as 15 so long as your parents (both yours and your partner's) appear in person to apply for the marriage license with you. If both you and your partner are at least 18, you do not need a parent's permission. A civil judge can perform the ceremony, or you can have (MORE)

If a girls says she is pregnant how do you know If you are the father?

1. Have You had intercourse with her if not got to Question 2. If you have see Question 3.. 2. You are not the Father and please listen in your sex ed class, idiot!. 3. Did you use protection, if you did please refer to Question 2, if you did not then see Question 4. 4. You are the father and the (MORE)

Where do underage pregnant girls go for support?

sweetie, u could speak to an adult u trust (i.e: a teacher or your parents.) u could call childline and explain the situation u are in i also think if u are pregnant, i think it may be an idea to think about all of ur options before making a decision having a child is a life changing thing, please (MORE)

You are underage and pregnant what shall i do?

Firstly, are you definitely pregnant? secondly, you need to tell a parent or a trusted adult and from there they will help you with everything you need. And if, for any reason, they don't.. speak to a clinic or anonymous clinic. As for the baby you have 3 choices; keep it have an abortion or adop (MORE)

Did Charles dickens father go to prison for theft?

His dad went to one part of a prison that was meant for extremely poor people, so it really isn't a "prison." His life at the prison was probably better than life outside the prison because in the prison, he could actually eat food, and have the basic needs.

Did Robert E. Lee's father go to debtor's prison?

Yes. The father was Richard Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee, a hero of the Revolution. As a delegate to the Second Continental Congress he had offered the Resolution that led to the Declaration of Independence from Britain. He was a brilliant man but terrible with money. He was involved in one imp (MORE)

Is it illegal to be underage and pregnant?

No, what you do with sexual intercourse is up to you. Unless the guy/girl is 3 years older than you and you are under the age of 18, then its considered statutory rape.

Can a 19 yr old girl be arrested for getting pregnant by an underage boy?

Yes, to put it simple. Regardless of male or female. If you are the legal age then you can be charged. However in most states, there is a "3 year rule" Which for example. Girl is 17 but the guy was 20 and vice versa. (Unless the offense was rape obviously) However in most states the "legal" age to h (MORE)

Can a underage girl get pregnant?

If a girl has reached puberty and has sexual intercourse, she can get pregnant. It is illegal if she is not of the age of consent in the place she lives, and it is not a smart thing to do, but yes, she can.

What can a underaged father do to see his child?

In order to petition for custody or visitation right by the court you have to establish paternity by a DNA test. Then you can obtain a visitation schedule and also start paying child support.