Can the father of the child be ordered to quit school to support his child?

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If a child in Raymore Mo at the age17 years old quits school does the father still pay child support if he lives in Kansas?

In general, parents must support their children until they are adult, normally until they reach 18 years. If the over 18 young adult is dependent, eg. at school of some typ

How do you get out of child support order you proved that you were not the father?

That depends on the child support laws of your state and how long you have been the legal or presumed father. In most states if you have been the legal father for at least fou

Do you still pay child support if the child quits school?

It depends on the state. In most states, child support is required to continue until the child turns 18, regardless of whether or not they drop out of high school. However, so