Can the screen on a touch screen phone be replaced?

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Of course, you can. The after-sale service and the mobile maintain can do it. And you will pay for the replace screen.

You can go to special stores or look on the internet. just make sure they replace screens for your phone
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What was the first touch screen phone?

hmmm. the earliest ones I can recall immediately were actually the original iPAQ's which had a GSM sleeve with which you could make phone calls and you dialled the number on screen btw, sleeves were the accesories for the original iPAQs, and the iPAQ slid into the sleeve and gained that functiona (MORE)

Who invented the touch screen phone?

An iraqian guy called ahmed mohammed al nuami who first got the idea but it was another person who invented it. this is why they say Iraqi people are smart

How do touch screen phones work?

To allow people to use touch commands that require multiple fingers, the iPhone uses a new arrangement of existing technology. Its touch-sensitive screen includes a layer of capacitive material, just like many other touch-screens. However, the iPhone's capacitors are arranged according to a coordin (MORE)

How does a touch screen phone work?

It works kinda like a computer: Simply touch the spot you would normally click your mouse on. It's really easy, I have a touch screen phone myself. (: I recommend the Env touch, and my friends say that Iphones are really good,too. So good luck anyway!

Do revol have touch screen phones?

Yes they have touch screen phones many are good and the others are ok i had mine for over a year and its still in great shape. So i think many people out there should get one if they cant afford anything else.

How do you replace the touch screen for ds lite?

Recalibrating your Touch Screen . If your touchscreen is not accurate, you can try to recalibrate it:. Turn on your DS . Use the D-Pad to go to the small DS icon at the bottom of the screen, and press A . Go to the rightmost icon, which looks like a crosshair, and press A . Tap the red squa (MORE)

What is the best Verizon touch screen phone?

There are a lot of great phones out there in Verizon but I will just list a few. First there is the pantech hotshot, then there is the enV touch which is actually supposed to be the voyager 2. There is also the cosmos touch and the update of that which is the lg extravert. There are so many more but (MORE)

What are the bad things about touch screen phones?

Well, Sometimes if they are on inside your pocket and you rub against something they will feel something touching it and it will go to something on your phone that you don't want it to go to sometimes.

Can you replace the 3g touch screen with a 2g touch screen?

i am sorry i dont think you can change them because they are not the same are they but if they have the same thing that you need to replace have a go it is worth a go but touch screens are crap mine only lasted 4 month and the screen broke for nothing when i diddn't do anything and it was working th (MORE)

How do you get water out of the touch screen in a phone?

Once water get inside the touch screen of a phone there isn't much you can do about it without having the water traveling somewhere else in the phone. My suggestion is to shut the phone down, don't move the phone around and let it dry up, hoping that the phone will not have water damage.

What cheap touch screen phone is there?

There are a few on the market at the moment, including the LG cookie, on sale at £30-£35; it really depends on your phone company. On contract, probably about £5 a month, not costing at all. , :).

Can you replace JUST the screen on a touch screen phone?

Chances are if you have a touch screen phone that has a broken screen you can get it fixed. You will have to pay a fee to get it fixed but most often it costs less then buying a whole new phone. This can also be determined by the condition your phone is in. In example: if it is scratched or pretty d (MORE)

Can touch screen phones wear out?

No (I'm pretty sure), but if you have dropped your phone numerous times, it may be broken. Take it to the store where you bought it (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) and ask just to make sure. There is a coating on the screen that can wear out. That's why you need to be careful how you clean your screen.

How do you dry a touch screen phone?

In order to dry a touch screen phone use a lint-free towel or tissue. If you need to dry it because it was fully submersed in water, I have heard that you can keep it in dried rice for a couple of days and it will draw out he moisture.

Do touch screen phones work underwater?

no as to my knowledge and research in the past a touch screen phone will not work underwater. A way that you might be able to get around that is to cover your touch screen phone with a clear or water proof covering so that way your phone won't get wet.

What features do touch screen mobile phones have?

Many of the newer touch screen mobile phones have features such as pinch zoom, screen capture capabilities, password-lock capabilities, and more depending on the cell carrier and the specific phone.

Where to get a iPod touch replacement screen?

Due to the wiring and electronics manufacturing of the iPod Touch, it is best to take your iPod in to your nearest Apple Store to have a professional fix it for you. If you still want to take the risk, and fix it yourself, eBay is the best place to get a Replacement Screen. Be warned, if you are not (MORE)

What mobile phones have a touch screen?

There are many mobile phones that use touch screen technology. Among the more popular touch screen phones are: Samsung Infuse, Motorola Photon, and the HTC Sensation.