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Can you claim back taxes on a bankruptcy?

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Claiming Back Taxes in Bankruptcy Only if they are more than three years old and meet specific requirements
More specifically, yes, taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy and are in a suprisingly low claim priority position....I believe 7th.

Generally, income taxes for periods more than 2 or 3 years previous are not able to be assessed, being past the Statute of Limitations (however a number of items may extend that statute), and would not need o be claimed.
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If you owe back rent can it be added to your bankruptcy claim?

I honestly used this site once, thinking that a professional was answering the questons, so my question still isn't answered. But I do know that it can be added butwould be

How many times can you file for bankruptcy and can you claim taxes?

The Bankruptcy Code does not specify a maximum number of times one can file bankruptcy, though Courts will scrutinize multiple filings and will deny a person the ability to re

If you have filed for bankruptcy and your boyfriend claims you as a dependent on his tax return will this affect your bankruptcy?

  Answer     The person filing for the BK will have to present IRS and in most cases state tax documents. This may create a problem for the BK filer and for the p

Can you claim your tax back?

You can file an income tax return and if you have overpaid tax for the year then yes you will get the overpaid amount back.

What if you have claimed bankruptcy and they have not tried to get the car back?

  By filing BK it puts the automatic stay on collection actions in place, which is Major portion of the BK protection...the protection portion in fact...and it means they

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    They would have to be.   You do not go Bankrupt on certain things though. In BK you do not pick and chose what is included. All are given priorites and some are

Can you claim income tax in a bankruptcy?

  It's not can...it's have to -   A basic, rough primer:   BK is always done under FEDERAL Laws, in a Federal Bankrutpcy Court. Basically State makes little differen

If you filed for bankruptcy can your daughter claim you as a dependent on her tax return?

Yes . There are two types of dependents: Qualifying Child and Qualifying Relative. Your parents are eligible to be considered Qualifying Relative dependents. Your parents don'