Can you get an inspection sticker for your car if the windshield is cracked down the middle?

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no because it will not pass inspection
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Does car insurance cover cracked windshields?

If you have comprehensive insurance, yes. Odds are however a decently priced windshield shouldn't be too much higher or is more than likely lower than your deductible, which y

Can you have a crack in the windshield and pass Missouri safety inspection?

Despite many other answers that tell you "No", you are still able to pass a vehicle safety inspection in Missouri. I have a car which is passed each year with a crack running

Can a passenger car pass inspection with no windshield?

No, a vehicle must be equipped with a windshield as equipped from the factory or as an OEM type replacement. Vehicles such as Jeep Wranglers may drive with their windshields f

Can you sell a car in Florida with a cracked windshield?

Yes, but I would advise against it. You would be setting yourself up for liability if the broken windshield cause the owner to have an accident. Spend the money to have it rep

Can you drive a car in Germany with a cracked windshield?

it depends if you have a double glazed or heated front windshield then its perfectly legal however if the thickness of the glass falls below 13mm or cannot with stand 10N per