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You can't legally drive without a driver's license. But assuming you own a vehicle that you still want to cover for physical damage you should be able to get coverage. If you have someone else that you want to allow use of your vehicle then you could list them as a driver on the policy. Don't drive without a valid license though. People do go to jail for being habitual traffic offenders.

Obtaining Auto Insurance without a Drivers License

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The way to do it is over the phone. All you need is a check or credit card, and a fax machine! Make sure you have all the information on your car available including the vehicle identification number, the license plate number, year and make of the vehicle, and a Dl number (an ID number should work). They shouldn't ask you to fax a copy of it.

I have moved more than five times in the past 3 years and all to different states and none of the insurance companies asked if I had a valid drivers license. They just wanted some money for the policy. Don't tell them you need it to get your license back. You have to have it even if your roommate uses it, or a granny, sister, etc. They will check your social security numbers to see if you have had any accidents or have filed any claims. I don't know if it shows up on a computer if the license is revoked.

Just call around and check on some prices and see what happens. All the companies I write policies with (with the exception of one) require an MVR (motor vehicle report) before the policy is bound unless it's an international license. In that case they will add points against the license since the MVR can't be run. After the policy is bound a copy of the license needs to be faxed in. If not the policy is in danger of being cancelled or not renewed.

A valid driver's license will be uniformly required in order to get liability insurance. This is a type of insurance that protects you as the driver from liability to a third party for damages caused by your own negligence while operating a vehicle. Insurers require a license so as to ensure some minimal level of familiarity with operation of a vehicle. That said, you may be able to get physical damage coverage for the vehicle even if you do not have a license. This includes losses due to collisions and those that come under the comprehensive coverage, such as broken glass, hail damage, etc. In this respect, the insurance would insure your ownership interest in the vehicle, rather than fault from operating it. In fact, if the vehicle is financed, the lender may require that physical damage coverage be obtained so as to preserve the value of the collateral.

Yes you can. As long as your license hasn't been permanently revoked. You will have to get a non-standard policy though. Some less than reputable firms will issue you insurance without verifying your DL (as long as they make a copy). The problem comes if/when you ever try to make a claim on said policy. Automobile insurance issued in your name is only valid if you have a valid driver's license. Read the fine print.

There are lots of reasons why someone would need insurance without a drivers license. Say if you have a car, but cant drive it, and rent so don't have homeowners insurance, you would want the car insured if you were forced to park / store it in an area where it was likely to incur damage. Also, for people with revoked licenses, you have to send proof of insurance in to the state to get your license back, so need to get insurance Before you can get your license.

Yes, you can get insurance on a provisional license and without any as long as you state it when your getting quotes.

Not necessarily,

Most carriers will require you to have one but others can insure you if you don't or have had one suspended.

Independent agents that offer policies through multiple carriers are your best bet to obtain coverage.
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