Can you give baby aspirin to a cat in pain?

Aspirin. Yes, you can give 1/4th of a baby aspirin to a cat but ONLY once every 72 hours. The cat is missing a liver enzyme that helps break down aspirin. This causes aspirin, and many other drugs, to be slowly broken down and thus the effects of aspirin lasts for 72 hours in the feline patient. So, if you gave aspirin three to four times a day to a cat you would certainly have a dead cat by the second or third day. Cat aspirin dose is 10mg/kg once every 72 hours. Aspirin should be given with food. NEVER give aspirin if the cat is also on a glucocorticoid (prednisone) or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDS).
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Can you give a cat aspirin for an abscess?

NO!!!! Never give a cat aspirin. it can kill them. Same for Tylenol etc. If your cat has an abscess, take it to the vet ASAP--- It will need antibiotics to kill the infection. (MORE)

Can you give your cat aspirin?

No - aspirin is toxic to cats and you can kill them with it. They are extremely sensitive to the side effect and develop fatal stomach ulcers readily. If you feel your cat w (MORE)

Can you give your dog baby aspirin?

Yes, though with caution. The typical dog dosage for aspirin is 5-15 milligrams per pound every 12 hours. However, it has the same possible problems in dogs as in people, just (MORE)

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Cats and Babies

Having a baby is no reason to give up the family cat. Cats and babies can coexist happily if you take common sense precautions that will keep both safe. (MORE)

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Can you give your cat a baby aspirin for joint pain?

Yes, but medically there are differences between cats and humans such as metabolic rates that should be considered when trying to dose any medication given. A Vet should be co (MORE)

Can you give baby aspirin to cat?

Yes, you can give baby aspirin to a cat but ONLY 1/4 of one tablet and ONLY once every 72 hours. The baby aspirin should be given with food. Be very careful, if you are unsure (MORE)
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Can you give Tylenol or aspirin to a cat?

NO. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is DEADLY to cats as are many other human medications. You should NEVER give your cat ANY medication unless your vet specifically says it's okay. (MORE)

Can you give a kitten baby aspirin?

No, you should never give human medications to animals. Cats are very sensitive to the harmful side effects of aspirin and even one pill can be enough to cause a fatal stomach (MORE)