Can you hot glue paper to a box?

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Yes, but be careful because you may be able to see the traces of glue through the paper. By the way, it kinda depends what material the box is made of because the heat from the glue could be damaging to the whole itself.
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Which glue is better hot glue or super glue?

it depends on what you are using the glue for. fur instants, im doing an art project that includes feathers, silk, string, and a paper plate. then i should use hot glue. if im

Hot glue or super glue?

Hot glue and super glue are for different uses. Both are good within their use.

Why is a hot glue gun hot?

A hot glue gun is hot. Of course. Cold glue is too runny and hardly does the job. Robert Brooklyns found out that by heat and glue, it makes whatever stick better to whatever

Can you use hot glue on paper?

Yes -- for sure. It's really the safest way to use hot glue since the paper acts as a drop cloth for your floors. You can even use hot glue to prevent diarrhea and on your eye

Will hot glue work to glue foam?

yes it will most likely ANS 2 -Hot glue will also melt many kinds of foam. -Much better to use Clearco 444 (from craft stores,) or PL300 from hardware stores.

What is hot glue?

Hot glue is a solid, waxy plastic material that joins materials by both cohesion and absorption. It is typically heated in a "glue gun" before being applied. Glue temperatures