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Can you kill plant roots off with boiling water?

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Yes, boiling water will kill a plant.
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How do you kill plant roots organically?

The simplest way to kill plant roots organically is to physically dig them up. Some persistent weeds can re-emerge from the rootlets left in the soil, but if you dig them up a

Does boiling water kill enzymes?

Enzymes are not alive, so they cannot be killed. Typically though, bringing an enzyme to a boiling temperature is enough to denature it. There's no evidence though that denatu

Does boiling water kill spores?

Boiling water does kill spores. This is because spores are liketiny plants in storage so the boiling water harms them.

Does boiling water kill HIV virus?

yes, HIV is sensitive to high temperatures but not to extreme cold. Experiments have shown that HIV is killed by heat, but temperatures over 60°C are needed to achieve reli