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Can you live on an estate still under construction?

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No. Generally you need to obtain a certificate of occupancy in order to live in any dwelling. You need to check your local laws.
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What does under contract mean in real estate?

  In real estate, the phrase "Under Contract" means that a buyer and a seller are in the process of completing the sale. Usually the buyer has put down some portion of the

How do you handle a separation with children involved while still living under the same roof?

You be civil and honest with one another. If there are issues to be discussed that don't involve the children you speak privately, no yelling. The ones that do involve them di

Difference between real estate and construction company?

To my mind, a real estate company is the company which undertakes development of land and marketing rights. The construction company is actually executing the project. Some of

Is it executor under the Will or Executor of the Estate?

Not all wills name an executor. If an executor is named in the will they must submit the will to probate for allowance and petition for appointment as the executor. In that ca

What constitutes a deceased spouses estate when the other spouse is still living?

  Answer   Any asset which has his signature on it. The house, the car, any large item that he purchased (with or without you) is part of his estate.   Answer 
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What is a living estate?

Although we tend to think of an estate as being all the property owned by a person at the time of their death, a living estate is all the property owned by a living person.
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What happens if the house burns down and you live there under the life estate law?

The fire would not affect the life estate which is a right to the real property. However, whether the property will be habitable again depends on whether the dwelling was insu