Can you make ugly faces at dogs in Oklahoma?

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No it is illegal
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Are birthmarks on your face ugly?

Nope, I have one, and I used to HATE it. but now I realize that its part of me. and i gotta love it sooner or later cuz its not going anywhere :)

I have been to the underworld got all on camera Hades candles making writing of old bible code thousands of orb with faces in them his dog i followed the star faces ugly faces in walls with horns?

i have broke the myth of Hades the underworld i have the hole thing on camera i went there bye mistake i got Hades him self his dog at the entrance of the cave as it has only

How can i make myself prettier when im ugly apart from caking my face with make-up?

DON'T cake your face in makeup! I'm sure you aren't ugly, but there are some very simple things you can do to make yourself more attractive. I know it sounds basic, but person

Are you ugly if you have moles in your face?

My Personal Opinion Is That People With Blemishes Are More Than Models Will Ever Be... And Why Do I Say That? Because Think Of It This Way, 100$ Beautiful Face No Moles. 10$ H
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How do you make a puppy dog face on your keyboard?

you don't -Whoever wrote that last answer is mean and needs to get a life, here, I made you this to cheer you up: P.s you are very weird and you need to get a brain here it
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How to make my face from ugly to beautiful and get rid of pimples?

Choosing the right face wash and using it every day will get rid of pimple's, dirt, and blackheads. It may take a will, but it works. When I say the right face wash I mean wha