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Can you substitute sweetened flaked coconut for flaked coconut in a recipe?

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Yeah, of course. It might not be as sweet, though so I suggest adding like a tablespoon of sugar, depending on how much coconut flakes your using.
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What is flaked coconut?

  White coconut meat that has been dried and shaved--usually sold sweetened in bags.

What can be substituted for flaked coconut in a recipe?

It depends to a certain extent on how they are being used.. If they are baked or mixed into the item, it can simply be left out. There is not likely to be much change in the

How long will unopened angel flake sweetened coconut keep?

An unopened Angel flake sweetened coconut bag will keep for many  months. It will last even past the expiration date. You can tell if  the coconut is still good by feeling i

How long will flaked coconut keep?

If stored properly, up to 3 years, but only if you don't mind it being a little mushier than normal. Several months if stored in a sealed bag, but it mainly depends on your cl

Can you make desiccated coconut out of flaked coconut?

Yes, Desiccated Coconut can be make from bagged coconut.   Here's how.    Desiccated coconut    Ingredients and supplies.       * Bag of

What can you substitute for coconut flakes?

A substitute for dried/dessicated shredded/flaked coconut will depend on the recipe. Most use it for flavour and texture. In some recipes, rolled oats or wheatgerm could be

How do you make flake coconut?

Using a small, sturdy knife, pry out the coconut meat from the shell. It will come out in pieces, but try to keep them as large as possible. Using a swivel vegetable peeler, p