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Can you suggest any contractors in Florida that will give you an estimate to fill in an unused swimming pool?

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Check with your local government to see what must be done to inactivate the pool. Some require removing the pool or breaking up the bottom of the pool before filling it in. Also, you should deal with the plumbing involved.
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Above ground swimming pool removal contractors?

If you are just looking to remove a pool that you don't want and which is still functional, you may try advertising it in Craig's list or Freecycle. You can say that they can

Is filling up your swimming pool illegal with house water?

  That depends on where you are. In Australia pools are filled up with normal tap water unless there are water restrictions on. then you would have to get a permit to fill

Can you fill a swimming pool with water from a well?

Yes you can, however you have to be careful you do not burn the well pump up. run the pump for an hour then shut the hose off let the pump cool down, for about 20 min then rep

Can you fill an in-ground swimming pool with well water?

  Fill your pool   Yes, it's ok to fill from a well. It is smart to have the water tested. A pool supply comapny should be able to do this. The exception would be

How do you estimate swimming pool maintenance cost?

  Estimating swimming pool cost's   Many factors come into play when estimating maintenance cost. Like how many gallons is your pool? A simple formula for an approxim

Can filling a swimming pool empty a water well?

Using a significant amount of water can tax the available flow, but most wells have considerably more water supply.
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How can you contact to fill a swimming pool?

  If you just dump dirt into it you may end up with a situation where water stays within the pools area leading to boggy ground so to make the ground behave like the surro

Can a well fill a 13000 gallon swimming pool?

yes but don't do it all at once if your well is newer run it for 2 hours and let it rest for 2 hours. if the well is like 12+ only for a hour and let it rest longer. have fun