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Can your custody be challenged if you live with an unmarried partner?

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No, Not unless there is harm being done to the child as a result of living with the person. The dad can take you to court all he wants to anout anything that's his right but that don't mean the judge will grant anything, He would have to get proof of the kids being in harms way.  
In Oklahoma, non-cohabitation clauses are run-of-the-mill in divorces dealing with minor children because everybody recognizes that cohabitation with an unmarried person or non-relative harms children, per se.
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Who has primary custody if the couple is unmarried?

Answer     In all US states the law presumes that, the mother of a child born as a result of a relationship outside of marriage retains sole custodial rights unless a

Can an unmarried father win sole custody from the unmarried mother?

Yes, but the circumstances would have to be extreme. Courts are  very reluctant torevoke custody rights from a parent(s) unless  there is substantial evidence that neglect o

If no court order for custody has been granted and the parents are unmarried who has the custody of a child in Tennessee?

I am currently trying to find a similar answer, so far, in my experience (in which one parent is in Tennessee and one is NOT in Tennessee), I was told NO ONE has custody. That

How does an unmarried man get full custody of his child in Pa?

First of all, the thing to realize as a parent is that children cannot be owned by one parent or the other. As much as possible you optimistically need to make arrangements to

An unmarried couple has a child and on parent dies who gets custody?

In most places the surviving parent will automatically be considered to have custody. If there is a reason that this should not happen, the court will appoint a guardian. Ot

What are child custody laws for unmarried parents in Georgia?

The mother has assumed sole physical custody and control until otherwise ruled on by the courts. This is not affected by whether the parents are cohabiting. This factor need
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How does a divorced or unmarried father get full custody of his child?

The father needs to file a motion in the court with jurisdiction  over the case. The father will need to provide reasons and evidence  for the change in custody. To obtain s
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Does an unmarried father have any custody rights in Ohio?

An unmarried father must establish his paternity and arrange for a custody hearing if he wants custody. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody a
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Can an unmarried mother get sole legal custody of an unborn child?

United States Courts don't rule on custody until the child is born. Legal custody isn't an issue until the child is born. An unmarried mother in the United States has sole cus