Can your custody be challenged if you live with an unmarried partner?

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No, Not unless there is harm being done to the child as a result of living with the person. The dad can take you to court all he wants to anout anything that's his right but that don't mean the judge will grant anything, He would have to get proof of the kids being in harms way.  
In Oklahoma, non-cohabitation clauses are run-of-the-mill in divorces dealing with minor children because everybody recognizes that cohabitation with an unmarried person or non-relative harms children, per se.
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Who has primary custody if the couple is unmarried?

Answer \n. \nIn all US states the law presumes that, the mother of a child born as a result of a relationship outside of marriage retains sole custodial rights unless a cou

Can an unmarried father win sole custody from the unmarried mother?

Yes, but the circumstances would have to be extreme. Courts arevery reluctant torevoke custody rights from a parent(s) unlessthere is substantial evidence that neglect or abus

If you are unmarried and the father of your child does not like your current partner could he obtain primary custody in Pennsylvania?

Answer . \nNot on the grounds cited in the question.\n. \nThe father could petition the court for custodial rights assuming he has established paternity.\n. \nUnmarried

Can an unmarried domestic partner live in the home of a lifetime tenant for the remainder of her life?

Generally, a tenant is free to permit a domestic partner ("DP") to live in his or her home. If the tenant wants the DP to leave, they have to follow applicable eviction proced
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I am unmarried my child was born in Ohio and we live here. My child's dad lives in Virginia. Can he get custody of my child?

Generally, he would need to petition the Ohio family court for custody and provide evidence to the court that you are an unfit parent. He can also request shared custody and