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Can your disability benefits be garnished if your student loan is over 10 years old?

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Yes, Social Security CAN and WILL be garnished for defaulted student loans. Theyll take anything over 750 or 15% whichever is more. Just try getting it dismissed for disability, Its IMPOSSIBLE!! No matter how long you've been on disability!! PS They wont allow government aid like food stamps to increase to make up difference either! GOD BLESS AMERICA! I borrowed 2250 25 years ago, (BIG MISTAKE)now with collection fees its almost 10000 and they'll harass me to the grave, even making me poorer then poorest person on welfare!! I LOVE this country!! NOT!!! and NO they do not lend money to people as dirt poor as I am and have always been to refinance!! I just LOVE this country!!
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Can a VA disability pension be garnished for a student loan.?

  Your VA disability to my knowledge is untouchable to all creditors, to include child support, and student loans. Your student loans will affect your credit report negati

Can student loans be garnished from wages?

YES! YES, AND THEY WILL BE. For gods sake, contact the lender and let them know you cannot afford to make the payments, they will work with you. You do not want your wages gar

Can Social Security Disability be garnished for unpaid student loans?

The answer is NO, SSI will NEVER be garnished, except to repay SSI overpayments, which can be recovered by a 10% reduction of benefits. SSI will NEVER be garnished for student

Can disability benefits be garnished?

Disability benefits cannot be garnished. No sort of social service  money can be subject to a garnishment because it is meant to help  the recipient.

How long can your Social Security benefits be garnished to pay student loans?

Once a garnishment order that involves federal matters is executed it remains in affect until the debt is paid in full or the debt is forgiven under the existing laws for fede

Can student loans be garnished from?

Yes, if federal student loans go into a default status, the collection agency can garnish. If you want to get out of default, there are two ways: There are only 2 ways to ge

Can Disability check be garnished for a student loan?

I have the same question and it took some time to get an answer...everthing I had read on the web for this question was an unrelenting "they can garnish and take anything." Ra

Can social security disability insurance be garnished for unpaid student loans?

Yes, if it was a federally insured student loan or a federal student loan, within limits. Often what occurs is the monthly disability check will be reduced each month at an am

Can 17-year-olds get student loans?

Probably not, as minors can not legally enter into a contract in most states. If someone gave a 17 year old entered into a contract then the 17 year old may be able to get out

If student loan is being garnished can they garnish tax refund?

If your student loans are being garnished, you can count on your name being on the tax offset list, meaning that they will apply your refund amount to your loan repayment. 

Can student loan garnish 401K?

Title 20, United States Code, section 1095a: "(a) Garnishment requirements Notwithstanding any provision of State law, a guaranty agency, or the Secretary in the case of loans

Can there be a wage garnishment on your ssi benefits for defaulted student loans?

Yes, the Dept. of Ed. allows collection companies to garnish up to 15% of SSI benefits for Default Federal student loans. There are only 2 ways to get out of default on your

Can social security benefits be garnished for old student loans?

(in the US) student loans are guaranteed by the government for the sole purpose of the borrower completing their education and becoming a contributing (and taxpaying) member o