Caribbean speaking countries in the Caribbean?

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English Spanish French and Haitian Creole are major languages in the Caribbean. Caribbean is not a language itself, just a sea and region.
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Which countries in the Caribbean speak Spanish?

The three Caribbean countries where Spanish officially is spoken are Cuba , the Dominican Republic , and Puerto Rico . Undoubtedly, the language is understood, and spoken t

What are the English speaking Caribbean countries?

Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts a

Which Caribbean countries speak French?

Several islands in the Caribbean have French as a primary language.These include Dominica, Haiti, Saint Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe,French Guiana, Saint Martin, and Saint-Ba

What Caribbean Countries do not speak English?

Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico have Spanish as their official language; Guadeloupe,Haiti, Martinique, St. Barthelemy and St. Martin French ; Aruba, Bonaire, Curaca