Come si traduce in inglese pettine di mare?

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When do mares come in season?

It is generally accepted that breeding season starts in spring however mares can come into season any time. In warmer climates it is not unusual for mares to cycle all year. M

At what age do mares come into heat?

A filly can show signs of heat as early as six months. Normal age for first heat is closer to 1.5 to 2 years. Often these heats result in a persistent CL that prevents them fr

Come tradurre in inglese 'Il fiore non ti scordar mai di me'?

Flower, you never remember me or Flower, don't you ever remember me may be English equivalents of 'Il fiore, non ti scordar mai di me'. The masculine definite article 'il'

Come si traduce normalmente 'policy paper'?

Un lavoro sulle politiche da adottare è come si traduce normalmente la frase inglese policy paper . Si può anche dire una pubblicazione sulle politiche da adottare. Si

What comes out of a mare with a donkey?

A mule, some are males and some will be born females. Males are called Mules while females are known as Hinnies. It is believed that a when a stallion horse breeds a female do