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Contractor did work then additional work.ruined original work.had to be redone by another contractor at considerable more expense.contractors insurance says nocoverage on his own work- can this be tru?

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If you hire a contractor to work on your home what insurance should the contractor have?

They should at a minimum have a commercial general liability policyfor the protection of your property. The contractor should also carry the necessary medical Insurancefor hi

Does a contractor need to be on the subcontractors policy as additional insured?

This is not as simple a question as it may seem. Subcontractors generally carry their own liability insurance. TheGeneral Contractor should verify that the sub contractors in

Does homeowners cover work done by a contractor that has resulted in water damage and cover the expense of getting the job redone and the water damage?

Contractors Liability . The contractors General Liability Insurance policy will cover damage resulting from faulty workmanship. You need to call the contractor. . Answer .

What insurance should a contractor have when performing work on my home?

You should at least make sure that they are carrying $500,000 -$1,000,000 in liability limits on a general liability policy. Thiswill protect you from any losses that they may

How can you verify contractors insurance i have no paper work?

GET paperwork & you probably also need a copy of the endorsement naming you as Additional Insured - not just a certificate of insurance. Then, feel free to call the insurance

Does homeowners insurance cover a bad contractor faulty work?

If the contractor owned up to doing anything wrong they would losethere license very fast verses using the courts or state board totake it , what protection does a homeowner h

What work can a contractor do?

all menisci build house or wood structures from concrete to top of roof line . trouble shoot problems. i can basically take care of all of customer problems and concerns

Does homeowner's insurance cover a contractor working on my property and has an accident?

No, Your homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage hired workers. A contractor is responsible for his own insurance policy or workman's compensation to cover injuries

What contractor does legitimate work from home?

Be very careful when selecting a work-from-home company to work for. Many of these companies require you to pay a substantial amount of money before you're able to even begin

Can you deduct work comp or general liability insurance from a 1099 contractors check if they don't produce their own policy in Nebraska Iowa or Texas?

Did you actually buy Workers Comp or General Liability Insurance for that contractor? If not, Then you have no right to deduct the cost of something you did not provide. If
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How to work effectively as an IT contractor?

One can effectively work as an IT contractor by always being prepared for any situation. Set time limits on projects, never take any sides and always continue your marketing e
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Can contractors work on Sunday?

They certainly may work on a Sunday. Some unions have negotiated that Sundays will always be a day off, or require premium rates be paid. Some noise regulations may prohibit