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When roasting is your cooking method, then you must know that different types of roasting will require different cooking time and temperatures. For instance,
  1. A 5- to 8-lb standing rib roast will take approximately 17-20 minutes per pound for rare, 20-22 minutes for medium rare, 22-25 minutes for medium, and 27-30 minutes for perfectly done at a constant oven temperature of 300°F (160°C)
  2. A sirloin roast of 8- to 12-lbs will take approxiomately15-20 minutes for rare, 20-22 for medium rare, 22-25 for medium, and 26-30 for well done.
  3. A boneless top round will take nearly 28-30 minutes for rare, 30-33 for medium rare, 34-38 for medium, and 40-45 for well done.

It is always recommended to test the roasted meat with a meat thermometer at the end of the cooking time. The roast should be removed from the oven when it is about 5 degrees cooler than the desired temperature (it will continue to cook even outside the oven). That's how i do it....
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