Define domain with respect to dbms?

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In database technology, domain refers to the description of an attribute's allowed values. The physical description is a set of values the attribute can have, and the semantic, or logical, description is the meaning of the attribute.
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What is the dbm?

dBm is decibel power unit referenced to 1 milliwatt. Look at the related links for conversion: voltage to dBm, dBu, and dBV.

Define active dbms?

Active database management systems (active DBMS) support the definition, management and execution of event/condition/action rules specifying reactive application behavior. Although the advantages of active mechanisms are nowadays well known, there is still no wide use in practice. One main problem i (MORE)

What is a DBMS?

DataBase Management System (DBMS) is a software package that allows data to be effectively stored, retrieved and manipulated and the data stored in a DBMS packege can be accessed by multiple users and by multiple application programs like (SQL Server, Oracle, Ms-Access) ..

What is a domain answer?

A domain in an environment where a client - server architecture exists. Its a administrative boundary.

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What is a dBm?

it is the power ratio in decibels No, it isn't. dB on its own is a ratio. But when dB has a suffix, the figure is an absolute measurement, not a ratio. For instance, dBm is a measurement of power compared to 1mW. 0dBm means zero difference between 1mW and the measured figure. In other word (MORE)

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I would define respect as the honor bestowed upon someone by virtue of their integrity, dependability and decorum.. I would also define respect the civil regard afforded to every individual as an absolute human right.

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You simply have to go to a website that sells them to you!!!! A good domain selling website would be GoDaddy due to its large range of domain name endings (e.g. .com, .us, .mobi, .co, .net, .org, etc) and cheap prices. You simplay need to search for the domain name you want and see if it is availabl (MORE)

What is the purpose of dbms?

What is the purpose of dbms? . DBMS is a software that organises the creation, storage and maintenance of Databases for end users.

What are domains?

A web domain is a means of identifying or addressing a particular device on a network. More importantly, a domain name can be used as a means of identifying a brand or ownership of a particular website or resource on the internet. No-one ever really 'owns' a domain, but registering one gives (MORE)

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What is domain constraints in DBMS?

each column contains same type of data thus when you select a data type for a particular domain then DBMS will not accept any value of other data type. Further information contributed by Ramona Maxwell. Please visit Domain constraints are a user-defined data type which enforc (MORE)

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What is domaineering?

Domaineering is the online marketing business practice of acquiring and monetizing Internet domain names for their use primarily as an advertising medium rather than as intellectual property investments for resale as is generally the case in "domaining" which "domaineering" is occasionally confused (MORE)

Define data dictionary in dbms?

it contains meta data A sub system that keeps track of the definitions of all data items in the database,relationships that exits between various data structures, indexes that are used too access data quickly,screen and report format definitions that may be used by various application programs.

How can define primary domain controller or additional domain controller?

On Windows Server Systems, a domain controller (DC) is a server that responds to security authentication requests (logging in, checking permissions, etc.) within the Windows Server domain. A domain is a concept introduced in Windows NT whereby a user may be granted access to a number of computer res (MORE)

Define the term dBm?

dBm means "decibels relative to 1 mW". B is the symbol for the unit bel, and decibel is 1/10th of a bel. Bels are used to measure ratios between two measurements, not an absolute measurement by themselves. In this case you're measuring relative to 1 mW. So, for instance, if a device is producing (MORE)

Define attribute in dbms?

In DBMS a table contains one or more columns there columns are the attribute in DBMS FOR EXAMPLE---say you have a table named "employee information"which have the following columns ID,NAME,ADDRESS THEN id ,name address are the attributes of employee..................

Define a domain and co domain?

A domain is your Internet address. co is the latest domain introduction and is a good alternative if your .com domain is not available

What is is a domain?

In algebra, a function, is a mapping (or a relationship) betweentwo sets: the domain and the codomain (or range). To each elementof the domain, a function assigns one element of the range.

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i think respectful means that you treat someone equally for example if u treat your friends really nice and u talk/treat your teachers horribly then that means your giving your friends respect but not your teachers.. hope this answers your question?

What is bcnf explain with respect to dbms?

Boyce -Codd normal form which is one of the forms of dbms noramlizations.normalization is converting the relations or tables in a standard form.bcnf is based on functional dependencies that take into account all candidate keys.a relation is in bcnf if every determinant has a candidate key..:)

Define DBMS What is its primary goal?

collection of interrelated data & set of program & access those program ITS GOAL primary goal of dbms is store & retrieve the database information in convenient & efficient way

Define the function of range and domain?

Let the function be f(x) = 1/(x-1) The domain is all allowable values for which the function can be defined. Here, except 1, any number would give the function a meaningful value. If x=1, the denominator becomes 0 and the function becomes undefined. Therefore, the domain is all real numbers exce (MORE)

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Define capacitance with respect to physical structure and electrical function?

capacitance, in electricity, capability of a body, system, circuit, or device for storing electric charge. Capacitance is expressed as the ratio of stored charge in coulombs to the impressed potential difference in volts. The resulting unit of capacitance is the farad [for Michael Faraday]. In an e (MORE)

What defines a Broadcast domain?

Broadcast domain is the set of device,for which when one of the device sends broadcast all other devices receives the copy of it.

Define the Domain term in the context of Relational Model?

Definition: The domain of a database attribute is the set of all allowable values that attribute may assume. Examples: A field for gender may have the domain {male, female, unknown} where those three values are the only permitted entries in that column.

Define division of labor with respect to an organism?

Each type of organelle is specialized to perform a specific function. Eg. mitochondria are specialized for cellular respiration. In this way functions of the cell are accomplished by these specialized structures. It is an example of division of labour within a cell.

What does domain do?

It just serves as a web address. domain is just the name of the Website address

What is advanced dbms?

Simply stated, that is an acronym for an advanced 'Database Management System', which is a software package that would facilitate the development of various applicable databases. See the related link listed below for more information:

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I respect dad the most because she helps me alot.For example, cook dinner, be my alarm clock..............................

What is DBMS and what r the features of Dbms?

DBMS stands for data base management system. DBMS is a collectionof programs that enables users to create and maintain a database.The DBMS is a general purpose software system used to facilitatethe process of defining, constructing and manipulating data basesfor various applications. features of DBM (MORE)

What is a snapshot IN DBMS?

A DBMS snapshot in Oracle can also be referred to as a materialized view. Basically a snapshot is a refreshable view that can be refreshed on command or commit.

What is class in DBMS?

class in dbms is nothing but a collection of attributes.... class in java is defined as collection of objects....:D

How is respect defined?

Respect is defined by how you give and show respect. If you respect yourself there is a good chance that you will have respect for others. If you don't show respect for others than no one would respect you.

What does an DBMS do?

DBMS is database management system and it stores data that are related. DBMS maintains data security and integrity as well.

What is a domain?

a domain is the name of a website you type into the URL is a domain, but answers itself is not!

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Every culture has social norms - rules of behavior that areconsidered acceptable in a group or society. Most cultures expect people to be respectful to each otherespecially to someone older than you. That is the way it is, for people to get along with each other andnot fight we need to respect each (MORE)