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Plastic bags themselves have no harmful effects - the polymer itself, low density polythene, is perfectly safe, it's stable, non reactive, and non toxic. The problems that are frequently attributed to plastic bags (littering, the fact that they get entangled in trees, the fact that animals sometimes try to eat them and choke on them, the fact that they can end up in the sea and harm marine life) is nothing to do with the fact that they are plastic bags. It is entirely due to the fact that people don't handle them properly!
You can take any substance, or item, however safe it might be, and handle it in a completely irresponsible way, and you will have problems, but that isn't the fault of the substance or item, is it?

Carelessly throw hot coffee over someone and there will be harmful effects. Does that mean we should ban coffee?
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Harmful effects of plastic bags?

People and animals can choke on them and they take up space in landfills for a long time if discarded rather then recycled.

How are plastic bags harmful to the environment?

Plastic bags are bad for the environment for many reasons, which include: * they are not biodegradable, Instead, they break up into smaller pieces of plastic until eventuall

Why are plastic bags harmful for cows?

Plastic bags tend to act as a plug when it gets clogged up in either the chamber openings of the cow's stomach, or in the small intestine or large intestine. Most of the time

How do plastic bags harm us?

Plastic bags do not biodegrade very easily or quickly. Many often end up as litter or sitting in landfills, adding to the land pollution on this earth. Some forms of plastic c

Can plastic bags harm your waterways?

yes, plastic bags can harm out waterways because if a plastic bags gets stuck in a pipe of something then the water will not work and you will have to pay money to get the plu

Reasons why plastic bags are harmful?

Here are some of the harmful effects of plastic bags: Plastic bags litter the landscape. Once they are used, most plastic bags go into landfill, or rubbish tips. Each year mo

Why plastic bag is harmful to the environment?

plastic bags are non biodegradable, if dumped in the soil they will reduce the soil fertility in many bad terms , animals like cows, goats choke and dye after swallowing them
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What are the harmful effects of plastic bags and plastic bottles?

now a days most of the people use plastic bags. But according to me they should be avoided because when they are burned in open area then it makes the problems for living bein