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Did Barack Obama ever belong to the liberal party?

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First, in the United States, there is no "liberal party." The major political parties are the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Green party. There are also some smaller parties. Perhaps you are asking whether Barack Obama is a liberal, a common claim on certain Republican talk shows. Based on his voting history as a candidate and his policies in the White House, we can say he is a centrist Democrat. He leans left (liberal) on social issues, but he leans right on issues related to defense.
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Why is Obama considered a liberal?

Barack Hussein Obama is considered a liberal because he embraces  liberal values. Liberal values begin with the idea that the federal  government should be involved in every

Did Barack Obama ever study economics?

He took courses in Economics as part of his degree in Political Science from Columbia University.

Have Michelle ever cheated on Barack Obama?

There is no credible evidence of it. Tabloid rumors will always circulate, but that does not mean they are true.

What political party is Barack Obama affiilated with?

Barack Obama is a Democrat. By all accounts, he has always been a member of the Democratic party, beginning when he was first interested in politics.

Has Barack Obama ever been arrested?

No, he has not.

Will Barack Obama ever be impeached?

The Constitution provides that an elected official may be impeached/removed from office for "treason, high crimes and misdemeanors." By this standard, President Obama is in ab

Is Barack Obama a liberal or conservative?

Barack Obama is a centrist. Liberals, like the Socialists and Green Party, decry Obama's use of SuperPAC money, his failures in human rights, and his support for the military

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Is Barack Obama a liberal?

First, it should be noted that most objective sources regard Barack Obama as a centrist Democrat, rather than a liberal. He tends to lean more liberal on social issues, and mo