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Die Rouladen haben gut geschmeckt Danke?

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The beef olives tasted nice, thank you
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How do you use the word dank in a sentence?

After Lilly went swimming in her clothes, she felt dank when she forgot her change of clothes

What does Danke mean?

Thanks (informal) Thank you (formal) A good reply to this is "Bitte" meaning you are welcome (it can also mean "excuse me")

What is a sentence for dank?

The temperature today was very dank.

Danke schön means what in German?

Danke schoen means thank you. One can also say Danke sehr, Danke dir/euch (you singular/ you plural), Danke vielmals, vielen Dank or simply Danke.

How much is an ounce of dank cost?

Out in Cali you get dank weed from 300 up and that's chronic weed like Blue Dream,Chem Dawg and
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What does your gut do?

It tells you how you are feeling. Like people say they have a gut feeling. When we aree nervous we get butterflies, or when we are in love. You feel certain things that you ca

What does danke schen mean?

The same thing was said to me today I asked the girl and she said it meant "thanks much" in German

Dank used in a sentence?

Vielen Dank! Dank dir hatte ich eine schöne Zeit. Mein Dank ist dir sicher. In the dank cave, water dripped from the roof. The clothing smelled terrible when they came up