Difference between software and firmware in computer?

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A fully functional Personal Computer isn't just the machine itself, but also the programs it runs. The best machine is useless without programs for it.

A typical PC will consist of three 'segments': hardware (the physical machine), firmware (the built-in programming for the machine) and software (the programs said machine runs).

The difference between "software" and "firmware" is very simple. Firmware is a very special type of software that comes loaded into Your hardware, which tells it how to run correctly. Don't think about hard disks, it's more of a "built-in memory chip" kind of thing. The firmware will tell the device what it can do, how fast should its components operate and the like. It will also tell the rest of the computer how to communicate with the device, what it supports and so on. Even Your hard disk has firmware on it - it determines how the physical device stores bits of information, for example. The DVD burner You may have also has firmware in it, that determines its writing capabilities (and much, much more). And most importantly, firmware comes from the hardware vendor - they write it for their hardware, so it's a very specific kind of a program. You could say it's one of a kind.

Software, on the other hand, is hardware-independent inasmuch as it can be ran and operated without regard for what computer You're using (of course, if the program was designed to work with some hardware, it may throw errors at You - but it has to be working in order to do that!). Software comes from many vendors, even from people like me - volunteers (think: Free Software Foundation, Linux etc.).

So, to sum it up, firmware is a very specific kind of software, one You don't buy in a store - it exists in Your hardware (Your graphics card, hard drive and even Your phone) and allows it to operate correctly. And it's provided by someone who really knows the specific device You are using - typically its manufacturer.
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What is the difference between firmware and drivers?

Hi, the difference of firmware and drivers is the application of this piece of software. The most electronic hardware only needs firmware to run basicly. E.G. a DVD-player needs firmware to know how to read a CD or DVD. But to have it accessed under a operating system like Windows you need a driver (MORE)

What is the difference between computer science and software engineering?

In computer science and software engineering;Here is a quick overview of the three computing majors that our department offers. I teach primarily software engineering courses so it may be a bit biased. 1. Computer Science covers the core concepts and technologies involved with how to make a compu (MORE)

The difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering?

1. Computer Science covers the core concepts and technologies involved with how to make a computer do something. Learning to program a computer by writing software is essential, and computer programming is used in most computer science courses. You will learn details about how computers and networ (MORE)

What are the different types of computer software?

This is such an open ended question that any number of answers may prevail. I suggest the following: Operating Systems (OS) Hardware Drivers Application Software Games Media Players Connectivity Software Software can also be categorized according to the following: Retail software (MORE)

What is the difference between system and software?

Program are used to refer to either an executable program(by both lay people and computer programmes) or the collection ofsources code from which an executable program iscreate(eg.complied).Program may be executed directly byhardware(eg.CPU)such programs consist of a sequences ofinstruction.It alsa (MORE)

What is the difference between software engineer and computer engineer?

I think the difference lies in the projects they work on. A computer engineer and software engineer can both do software, but computer engineers typically work on some of the hardware aspect of their project as well. The way I see it, I see a lot of computer engineers work on embedded software/ha (MORE)

What is the difference between firmware and OS?

Firmware is a program that is stored on non-volatile memory on integrated circuits. Roughly speaking it is hard wired in and can not be changed without changing the components. OS (operating system) is simply the base program that allows your computer to work although this is a bit vague because M (MORE)

Difference between hardware and firmware?

Hardware: is in your computer, if you wanted you could pick i up and touch it. Firmware: you cannot touch it, or modify it. windows update would be a good exampleo of firmare - you can choose what updates to install but you cannot move them, or delete them.

What is the difference between freeware and software?

I think your question is "Difference between freeware and shareware". Then freewares are the softwares for which you don't need to pay just download it whereas the sharewares are the softwares that requires your donation i.e. in straight forward you have to pay for it for downloading.

What is difference between system software and computer software?

"System" tends to refer to main servers, mainframes, and other major "behind the scenes" technology hardware centers. "Computer" colloquially refers to a personal computer; a miniature version of a system (though in fact both personal computers and systems are types of computers). The software that (MORE)

What are the difference between Hardware and software?

Hardware is the physical manifestation of the computer. The wires, the transistors, the ICs, and so on. What you actually pick up and carry home. Software is the data stored on the hardware, in the form (usually) of binary (1s and 0s). Hardware is the machine, but modern computers are built such t (MORE)

Difference between software and firmware?

Software is programs which can be installed and used by the user for a specific purpose. Firmware on the other hand is used by the computer system for maintenance and security purposes, an example for this is Windows Update.

What is firmware software?

Firmware is the combination of persistent memory and program code and data stored in it. Typical examples of devices containing firmware are traffic lights, consumer appliances, digital watches, computers, computer peripherals, mobile phones, and digital cameras. The firmware contained in these devi (MORE)

Difference between software and firmware in mobile?

The firmware in mobile is a kind of built-in software shipped with the mobile. The purpose of this kind of software is like an operating system for a computer. Users commonly can't change the firmware in their mobile except using a specialized utility provided by the vendor which allows users to upg (MORE)

How do you configure software drivers with firmware?

This question is very vague in nature. Firmware is software that a device runs and is typically the lowest level of code. For example a remote for a TV runs what can loosely be described as firmware. A wireless router runs a more sophisticated firmware. Software drivers are typically instructi (MORE)

What is the difference between BIOS an firmware?

By definition there IS no difference between firmware and BIOS.. Firmware = software that is permanently stored in a chip. The BIOS on a motherboard of a computer is an example of firmware.. BIOS = Basic Input/Output System = Firmware that can control much of a computer's input/output functions, (MORE)

What is the difference between computer software and computer operating systems?

Computer software is data on your hard drive that the processor reads and executes. Software is a bunch of instructions telling your computer what to do. The operating system is a piece of software that gives the computer user a way to interact with the computer. When you turn on your computer, it s (MORE)

What are differences between firmware and actual memory?

Firmware it can be called third part of computer, because it carry information which can not be erraze on the mainboard out for the users.Actual memory is a micro chips that help the computer to remember and saved what he as done by the users/operators and assist in operation speed. Firmware Actual (MORE)

Describe the difference between software engineering and computer science?

Computer Science is a broad term that covers various topics related to computers. Topics in computer science may include networking, encryption, processor design, and several other fields. Software Engineering is one of these topics. It involves creating algorithms or computer programs to perform (MORE)

What is the difference between assigning and publishing software to computers through group policy?

An administrator can either assign or publish software applications.. Assign Users The software application is advertised when the user logs on. It is installed when the user clicks on the software application icon via the start menu, or accesses a file that has been associated with the software (MORE)

Difference between a tool and software?

Tool is a program or a software used by a software developer to create, maintain and debug an application. Software is nothing but a piece of code written in any language, which is meaningful or executable. -C

What is the difference between firmware and human ware?

Firmware:- It is pre-written program in machine language that is stored in ROM(Read Only Memory). Example:-BIOS Firmware boots up computerized devices. Humanware:- The personnel which are related to installation, maintenance,operation and testing of computer are called humanware. Example:-Program (MORE)

How is computer software different from computer hardware?

Computer hardware is the physical computer part, accessory or component. Hardware refers to a thing. Software is the program that runs on the hardware. It is the code that tells the hardware what to do,not a physical thing you can touch.