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Do French people say 'Excuse my English' when they cuss?

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No. There is no direct comparison in French.
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Why don't people say 'excuse me' anymore when crossing other's viewing or personal space?

I still say it. A lot of the changes in etiquette have to do with the way people are brought up. I lived back east for 4 years and the polite meter dropped drastically there.

Why do people cuss?

People cuss to seem cool in front of their friends and other people. The cusser wants to be like an adult and feel like they are mature and the best out of every one! The best

What do french people say when they toast?

The classic phrase is "à la santé !" (to health!) which can be shortened to "à la vôtre !" / "à la tienne !" or "santé !" In friendly situations, though, I find that it

Who is camera cuss English watchmaker?

An old established German watch and clockmaker originally in Oxford Street london later in St James's Street London whereabouts now unknown

How do you say cuss words in Russian?

you can say alot of words. some like syka or blaha moha. there are alot of them.. i just gave you 2. if you want more.. look it up on youtube. they have a good movie for that.