Do any blogs offer free French language learning?

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I don't know of any blogs that do but there is a website called ielanguages that offers free tutorials for many languages including French.
I suggest that you download their audio files from their lesson download page and play them from your own player. There seems to be a problem with their player function. Their tutorials cover the beginning level through advanced.

Another website is call Byki. They offer free software and downloadable audio files with flashcards and a testing feature.

I have have left the links below.

How do you learn the french language fast?

There are a number of fast courses you can take. In addition to those, on order to learn the language faster, it's a good idea to:. read books (that you already know in Engli

What languages do French students learn?

French pupils have to take a first foreign language at age 11 or so (beginning of junior high school) and a second language two years later. English is by far the most taught

Is French a difficult language to learn?

Yes and no . As with any language, successful learning depends upon the correct match of teacher, student, and learning tool . Some individuals learn best in a structured sit

What language do french children learn?

French children are first taught French. The first foreign language is English, then Spanish, then German.