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Do any blogs offer free French language learning?

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I don't know of any blogs that do but there is a website called ielanguages that offers free tutorials for many languages including French.
I suggest that you download their audio files from their lesson download page and play them from your own player. There seems to be a problem with their player function. Their tutorials cover the beginning level through advanced.

Another website is call Byki. They offer free software and downloadable audio files with flashcards and a testing feature.

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Which language is easier to learn French German or Spanish?

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What is a requirement to learn French or German language?

There are no requirements. I'm sure there are many french and German people who are even trying to teach their own dogs and cats french and German even at this moment. If you

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Is French one of the hardest languages to learn?

    If you are taking French by itself, then it is a very challenging language. However it can be seen as both easy and hard, depending on your native language.  

How do you learn the french language fast?

There are a number of fast courses you can take. In addition to those, on order to learn the language faster, it's a good idea to:   * read books (that you already know in

What language is easier to learn French or German?

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Where to go and learn how to speak french online free?

Languages Online is good, that's where I learnt a lot of French, the problem is the titles of the activities are in French, so id you don't know any French, it's hard to find

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Where can you learn other languages online for free?

I recommend fluentfuture.com    http://www.fluentfuture.com/    It is a free online community-based language exchange platform.  There are 11,000+ members acros

What is the easiest language to learn spanish french or German?

definitely German because i know from experience. Edit: I beg to disagree. In France, German classes have very few pupils and the learning conditions are actually perfect.