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Do any insurance plans help pay for tubal ligation reversals?

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It depends mainly upon the terms of your policy, which is why you must read it carefully. Specifically, read the section entitled "Exclusions" to determine if tubal ligation reversal is expressly excluded from coverage. Some companies may consider this to be elective surgery (which is generally excluded), because a non-medically necessary decision may have been made to have the sterilization done initially.Still other insurers may cover part of the procedure, such as testing and anesthesia.

Some companies may cover the whole procedure. Factors involved include what the policy expressly states, the legal requirements of the state in which the policy was issued or in which you live (some require coverage for fertility treatment, so perhaps an argument could be made for this).

Do not downplay the utility of good communication with the insurer and the assigned claims representative. Contrary to popular belief, they are human and may be inclined, given politeness, reason, and a valid argument, to work with you.
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