Do large seeds grow taller than small seeds?

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no they are the same type of plant
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Do crowded seed grow faster than uncrowded seeds?

Crowded seeds grow faster because they have more competition for water and nutrients so they have to hurry to grow into a plant. Uncrowded seeds grow slower becasue they have

Do large or small pumpkins have more seeds?

We just did a science investigation in my grade 2/3 class and wanted to know the answer to this question. What we found out was that larger pumpkins do not always have more se

Why the seed growing taller in darkness than in the sun?

All seeds want to reach sunlight, and usually they find sunlight by growing out of the soil. a seed left in the dark will simply think it's still underground and will continue
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Does large seeds germinate faster than small seeds?

As a general rule, light-sensitive germination is more pronounced in small seeds compared with large seeds. This is because smaller seeds have smaller food reserves in compari