Do women prefer men with light colored eyes like blue green gray or hazel then men with dark color eyes like brown?

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I have bright blue eyes and I get compliments on them all the time, I have dark Brown hair almost a light black color and Women more less start the coversation because of my eyes but The reason we get so attached to the womens eyes is because if they have soft blue or Brown they are so inviting eyes that trumps basically other body parts and a nice shaker and upper floor help also. Dont get me wrong she needs to be slim and have a nice butt and nice size C breasts and if she has that and you look into her eyes you know write away if you want to persue because the body and looks attract you and the love and adorable nice big brown or blue eyes set the hook. I love beatiful eyes and a nice set of teeth. Once again I look at the body and facial features first to go talk to her and if she has beatiful eyes and nice teeth this is at 75% of sealing the deal. I hope this helped. I missed something, the Womens personality has to be there also, she needs to give some information but not everything goin on in her life, just give us enough to intrigue us, that would want us to hear more over a second date. On this date where a knock out dress that is very revealling. Than you can talk about where you grew up but please give the guy to be involved in the conversation, show interested but now two interested and remember to where a revealing smoking hot dress. AT the end of the date let him know you had fun (if you really like this guy) and say we should do it again sometime. Just say call me and give hime a peck of a kiss and thats it. After that while hee's walking away just say hold up and and give him the best kiss you can get, and say you never do that. Now that the hook is sunk deep, its your decision: use him as a playtoy, get serious if you want because he sure will, Keep your game at a little diifference and ask this question that you havent been seeing anyone else because of him (if you wanted to see other people go ahead and just done get caught,) Ok we are at, you are not seeinig anyone else because of him. If he has been seeing others your people your girlfriends would have told you already. If you really like the guy start getting closer and tell more intimate parts about you and have him open up also. You need to hope he is just not a one hitter quitter that why you go so, get him hot and bothered with your moves with the clothes or even underwear on but dont give him the goods. So he can put more time and effort into relationship. When its time to bounce let him know how you feel if its love or if you like the guy alot and make sure to get a response, no response, NO BOOTY. Take Care and I hope this helps. Now if you ever ran across me I know all the tricks and I may fall I may not but Ill be in control of the relationship;) Good Luck
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