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Do you change social security number after you get your marriage license?

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No; the Social Security number you are first assigned is yours for life. The only thing you need is your name changed on your social security...the add your new surname
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Drivers license without a social security number?

Unless you're in the US on a green card, and have an INS-issued number you can give in place of a Social Security number, it's not going to happen. If you refuse to give your

How can I change my Social Security Number?

  Yes, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may assign a new Social Security number   (SSN) to victims of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault. To do so,

Do employers get information from your Drivers License or social security number?

  Answer     From your social, your birth date, and your address.   Answer   Depends on the position if its for security clearance for example they use al

Does a woman have to change her name on her driver's license or Social Security card after she is married?

No, it is the woman's choice to change her name to her husband's name, a hyphenated name, something else completely, or keep her maiden name. However, if she does decide to ch

Is it illegal to use a false Social Security number to get married and would it be a legal marriage?

    Falsifying a SSN     Most definately! Look at the question and try to say no. Anytime you falsify anything against the government you can be arrested an

How you obtain a driver license without a social security number in Texas?

In Texas if you do not have a Social Security Number, and are not eligible to receive one, you can complete a Social Security Affidavit. This document can only be obtained at

Is a marriage to an illegal immigrant binding without social security number?

  Answer   Answer   You need to obtain more information about how marriage to an illegal immigrant will affect you. There will probably be issues if the illegal i

Do you need a social security number for a drivers license in Maryland?

No, it is not required but it will not be good for ID purposes at government body search checkpoints. Americans are not required to have Social Security Numbers unless they wo

Can an overstay student with valid passport and have social security number obtain marriage license by marrying a US citizen. Will any chance be rejected and got caught?

  By Personal experience... I got married to my Husband who was illegal here with an EXPIRED passport of his country and we still got the marriage License. All you really