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Do you have to have internet on a Samsung glyde?

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You don't have to get the internet with it... I do not have the internet with my Glyde. It is a very good phone!
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Is the samsung glyde worth buying?

yes. i have it, and i love it. <3   so do i luv the phone but no one really likes it just bcuz it takes a few clicks for it 2 go where u want it 2 go

Can the Samsung glyde be prepaid?

All Verizon phones cant be prepaid. No smart phones, the Glyde can't, and most touch screen phones cant be used prepaid. When I need to know for sure I call *22898 prepaid act

LG Versa or Samsung Glyde?

the versa has no problems and the glyde glitches toooooooooooooooooo much; so get the LG VERSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How good is the Samsung glyde?

It's not bad but it turns off randomly and luckily i had insurance because i had no water damage but the speaker broke. I got a new and that one had different problems. I kee

How do you get to the voice recorder on the Samsung glyde?

  Well here's a quick way: 1. Go to Shortcuts Menu 2. Tap "Set" in the bottom right corner 3. Click on anything that you know how to get to and you are fine with rep