Does Chile come from Chile?

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Well I'm a chilean, and as far as I know we can grow our own chiles in our garden if we want, but chiles are not native from my country.
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Where is Chile?

Chile is located in South America. From Wikipedia: "The Republic of Chile is a country in South America occupying along, narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains to t

What is Chile?

Chile is a country in South America. The Chilean president is Sebastian Pinera.

Where does the name Chile come from?

I taught in Chile for 2 two and a half years. There was a poster in the school I taught in that said the name "Chile" came from a Quechua word meaning "cold". Kind of funny, l

What is from Chile?

Chile is a huge exporter of wines. The Chilean people pride themselves on having some of the most fertile and proficient weather for growing some of the worlds finest wine gra

Do Chillies come from Chile?

There is a possible chance that chillies comes from Chile among other places that also produces chillies

Are you are from Chile?

I am from Chile . However depending on the person you are asking, they could or could NOT be form Chile.

What can you do in Chile?

You can visit the Andes mountains, tour the wine country or visit the beach towns. Santiago has beautiful parks with hikng trails.
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Where did the bananas from Chile come from?

Most of them come from Ecuador. According to the Central Bank of Chile, Chile imported bananas from Ecuador with a cost of USD 54,000,000 cif.